Coming soon, save the date: Deskflix, Computing's online event series

Coming soon, save the date: Deskflix, Computing's online event series

Season One: Empowering the remote working revolution

Ever felt like you were living through some sort of crazy movie where nothing is real anymore? You don't need us to tell you that the events business has been turned upside down by coronavirus. Suddenly vendors looking to showcase their products and delegates seeking networking and learning opportunities are having to get seriously creative to meet their needs.

This is where Computing can help. We have decades of experience of staging events and a wealth of research-backed knowlege of business technology. We know what makes a tech event tick.

Introducing Deskflix

We are launching Deskflix, a new virtual event series that delegates and partners can attend from anywhere in the world.

Just as with a physical event, IT leaders can join a Deskflix event to watch keynotes and presentations, ask questions, download resources, and network with their peers. And for suppliers and partners this presents a unique opportunity to jump on board at the beginning of a journey to entirely new way of communicating.

We'll be pulling out all the stops to make the Deskflix experience as smooth and polished as it can possibly be.

Deskflix Season One: Empowering the remote working revolution

Under the circumstances, there's only one place to start this journey: the remote working revolution.

Even before the outbreak, the workspace was already changing fast. Large parts of today's workforce are no longer tied to physical locations. Mobile workers - from service engineers to sales reps - take tech with them wherever they go, and we all need to engage customers, colleagues and stakeholders without physically meeting them.

There are many positives to this newfound flexibility, but companies need to make sure they have the right tech in place to make it work and to stay secure.

Deskflix Season One: Empowering the remote working revolution, is a special event taking place on May 21st with the aim of bringing together IT leaders and suppliers of crucial technologies in the following areas.

  • Identity & access management: controlling access to corporate applications and data for remote workers
  • Endpoint security
  • Unified mobile device management
  • Unified comms, audio and video
  • Support and helpdesk
  • Secure collaboration for sharing sensitive IP
  • Productivity
  • Employee engagement and wellbeing
  • Tools for remote managers

Please click here for more information.

Follow-up Deskflix Seasons include Cyber security, Automation, AI/ML and RPA. Find out more.

team deskflix
Team Deskflix: We're here to help

We love a movie with a happy ending and are doing everything we can to help our readers and partners to thrive in these changed circumstances. We do hope you'll join us on May 21.

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