Interview: Andjela Djukanovic, Technology Risk Analyst at KPMG

Holly Brockwell

Inclusion isn't just about hiring amazing women. It's also about listening to them

In the run-up to the Women in Tech festival in September, we'll be talking to some of the most interesting, inspiring, innovative women in tech companies across the country, and Andjela Djukanovic is definitely one of those.

Andjela had an unusual route into her current position as a Risk Analyst in the Tech sector of auditing giant KPMG: she studied humanities at university rather than a more technical course, and started her professional career in PR.

Stories like Andjela's are crucial for aspiring women in tech to hear, because they prove that you really don't need a four-year Computer Science degree to have a fulfilling job in the tech space.

In our interview, Andjela talks about how she got to where she is, what she loves about her job, and how tech should take a lesson from sports to improve its talent pipeline.

The Women in Tech Festival will champion and celebrate the many female success stories in IT, and will feature a mixture of panel sessions, talks, interactive workshops and networking.

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