A new approach to IT research: Computing Delta

Tom Allen
Delta is proud to be completely free of vendor influence

Delta is proud to be completely free of vendor influence

Delta is an independent market intelligence service for IT leaders, drawing from the experiences of customers who have been involved in buying, managing and using tools in anger

When buying new IT tools, every business asks for an analysis of those available on the market already. Approaches to this vary: some IT leaders might research everything themselves, others might cite existing research reports written by an analyst, or take information from free review sites. Either way, the sheer choice can be overwhelming.

Each approach has its drawbacks. Taking time to research the market means hours upon hours of time where the real work is not being done; IT research reports are mostly vendor-led, hiding the real story, and nearly exclusively focus on the American market; and review sites, while useful, allow people to hide their credentials. Those five-star scores could easily be from a vendor plant.

Computing's Delta changes all of that.

Delta is a ground-breaking new research service covering the UK IT industry. It combines in-depth market analysis with views straight from the end-user community, covering the key strategic areas that IT leaders need to know about - including cloud, DevOps, security, CRM and more.

Unlike other research products, Delta reports are vendor-agnostic. Delta is funded solely through subscriptions, and we take pride in the fact that the service is wholly independent.

Where other research reports only talk to customers put forward by vendors, Delta draws on Computing's deep relationship with the UK IT leader community - formed over our 45-year history. Each report pulls from research and interviews performed with an independently sourced selection of high-level end users, with the qualifications and experience necessary for them to discuss each topic in detail.

Research reports can be a great tool for finding the top players in a market, but the existing options rarely give a full picture, and provide little information in terms of how customers actually use specific solutions.

The hundreds of users who inform each Delta report serve to verify and validate vendors' claims, and find out how each tool really works when used in anger. How does it play with different environments and ecosystems? What are the pitfalls when rolled out to the user community? What are the hidden costs, and what areas have your peers successfully negotiated on with the vendor? Delta answers all of these questions, and presents the results in a simple, easily-digestible format.

In designing Delta, we have kept the best elements of the report format while adding new innovations that change how data is presented and acted upon. Want to download a PDF and read the report on the go? You can do that - but Delta's true strength is unlocked online.

Far from being just another download-and-discard PDF report at its heart, Computing Delta is built on data from research, surveys and interviews - and all of it is available to subscribers. Every table, chart and graph is fully interactive, enabling readers to focus on just the information that they are interested in. Want to compare a set of specific companies against one another? Or perhaps you want to focus on how every vendor performs against a particular criteria? It's easy to do with Delta.

Because the detail is provided by the end-user community, the information is relevant, incisive and actionable. More than just the opinion of an analyst, Delta gauges the pulse of the industry. Sign up today to receive a limited-time discount - call us to find out more.

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