Are tech marketers delivering what CIOs really want?

Peter Gothard
IT marketing - is it speaking to the CIO?

IT marketing - is it speaking to the CIO?

Download our report to find out

I've just finished off writing a piece of research that I think will be appropriate for marketers and sales people on IT, but also for CIOs and decision-makers who are interested in the dialogue around how they're actually being sold and marketed to.

The report follows on from the Computing Tech Marketing & Innovation Forum 2017, which we ran earlier this year, and at which we met a panel of CIOs feeling extremely exasperated by the way the world of sales and marketing approaches and works with them.

My research used some of these concerns as a starting point, and then moved into a survey of 181 IT buyers, as well as 153 IT marketers.

In-depth interviews with both decision makers and marketers followed, and what resulted was, I feel, a good investigation into how IT is bought and sold in the UK today.

There's also some really interesting stats in there about budgets!

You can download the report right here. Please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to discuss it further.



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