Top 10 best ZX Spectrum games of all time

Stuart Sumner
Top 10 best ZX Spectrum games of all time

Computing presents the definitive list of the all-time top games on one of the best-loved home computers

8. Atic Atac


Atic Atac

Game developer Ultimate Play the Game had a string of successes across various formats in the ‘80s, with brilliant titles like Jetpac, Tranz Am and Cookie all achieving a measure of critical and commercial success.

But 1983's Atic Atac just takes the prize as one of their best endeavours, only marginally ahead of Sabre Wulf.

In the game the player takes control of a Wizard, Knight or Serf, and roams between rooms in a haunted castle searching for the three pieces of the Golden Key of ACG. And like many Spectrum games, its difficulty was up in the legendary stakes. Three pieces of the golden key? You were lucky if you ever saw even one.

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