Computing ICT in education roundtable: What BYOD means for schools

Peter Gothard

A panel of experts assesses the validity of own device use in education

In this third and final part of Computing's ICT in education roundtable, the panel discusses the pros and cons of the Bring Your Own Device trend in schools; a movement which is growing in popularity due to the increasing consumerisation of technology.

For this panel, Computing Reporter Peter Gothard is joined by:

Ian Livingstone - Government skills champion and co-author of the Next Gen report.

Joanna Poplawska - Co-founder of the Corporate IT Forum Education and Skills Commission

Crispin Weston - Chairman of the BSI Education and Training Standards Committee

Phillip Bryant - Qualifications Group Manager for Computing, ICT and Design and Technology, OCR examination and awards body


Watch the first two parts of the roundtable, in which the panel discuss the future of ICT in education in UK schools during the DfE's reshuffle, here:

Part 1

Part 2


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