Interview: Edgeverve, AI & Machine Learning Awards winner

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"We stand for a few different things compared to other technology vendors"

Artificial intelligence has been under development for years, but the industry keeps finding new ways to use it.

The Computing AI & Machine Learning Awards honour the companies and individuals who are supporting and driving innovation and development in all areas of artificial intelligence.

This year, winners were announced via an exclusive awards eBook on Wednesday 18 May.

Edgeverve took home the AI/ML Best Use of Automation Award. This award is for an implementation where automation has been deployed swiftly and safely to solve a significant challenge - with specific detail paid to what that challenge was, why automation was chosen to solve it and what the outcomes have been.

We talked to Sateesh Seetharamiah, CEO of Edgeverve, about how they have used AI/Machine Learning for success over the last 12 months.

According to Seetharamiah, Edgeverve started with AI and automation, trying to understand the depth and breadth of the possibilities in this technology, and how this can be leveraged to solve different problems that their clients faced, which has eventually led to the emergence of some of the Edgeverve's digital platforms.

Seetharamiahn says Edgeverve is currently working with customers in enabling not only their inter-enterprise problems, but to also solve the intra-enterprise problems.

"The digital platforms that we've built are inherently scalable, are inherently secure, and are built by privacy, by design. So it makes it easy for our customers to embrace this. And in fact, a significant number of our clients have scaled enormously leveraging our platforms and we've been able to clear some of the most stringent security and privacy rules and guidelines around the world."

According to Seetharamiah, Edgeverve stands not only with its customers as a technology vendor providing the digital platform, but is also deeply committed to ensure that the customers get value from the investments that they have made in Edgeverve.

Speaking about the trusted transformation partner relationship, Seetharamiah believes British Telecom (BT) Openreach is a great example on how Edgeverve has been able to derive value.

"They have over 35,000 field engineers who work with very large millions of customers and our products are square and centre in terms of how they service their customers, how they enable their customers and satisfy their customers."

"The average handling time has been reduced leveraging our technology. They've been able to use this to simplify their field visits as an example. So there are many such use cases that we've been able to deliver on top of our platform for BT Openreach."

To find out more Edgeverve and what they are working on this year, watch our video interview with Mr Seetharamiah now.

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