Interview: ELEKS, AI & Machine Learning Awards Winner

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Interview: ELEKS, AI & Machine Learning Awards Winner

"A strong data science team combines a keen understanding of business operations and domains with expertise in various scientific fields"

Artificial intelligence is growing at a rapid rate. From basic data entry to high-value IT estate protection, AI is no longer the new kid on the block - it lives at the heart of the business.

The Computing AI & Machine Learning Awards honour the companies and individuals who are supporting and driving innovation and development in all areas of artificial intelligence.

This year, winners were announced via an exclusive awards eBook on Wednesday 18 May.

ELEKS, which specialises in data science services, took home the AI/ML Team of the Year Award.

We caught up with Volodymyr Getmanskyi, Head of Data Science office at ELEKS, to ask him about the company's priorities for the next 12 months.

Volodymyr is an experienced data scientist passionate about finding data-driven solutions to the most intricate business challenges.

He spent over 10 years in various roles related to data science services and has delivered multiple data-driven solutions end-to-end, from presales and idea validation stages to data model delivery, deployment and further support. This experience allows Volodymyr to understand the needs of businesses in different domains and sectors and effectively address them with data modelling techniques. His expertise also extends to other fields of study, including CV, NLP, TS, recommender systems, segmentation, generative models and more.

At ELEKS, Volodymyr leads one of Ukraine's largest data science teams, delivering machine learning models and successfully executing complex data science projects for customers globally.

Computing: Why are AI and machine learning important to the modern world?

VG: At ELEKS, we believe that data is an illimitable source of actionable insights. For over three decades, we have been helping our clients to convert their raw data into competitive intelligence with our expert data science services.

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning are powerful tools that can help organisations in various sectors, from Logistics, Automotive, Finance, and Retail to Agriculture, Healthcare, Pharma and others, automate critical operations, eliminate uncertainty with meaningful predictive analytics, and optimise resource spending and more. Enterprise businesses can adopt AI and ML solutions to gain accurate market forecasts, enable data-driven risk management, facilitate business decision-making, drive sales, increase the propensity of purchasing, automate capacity planning, etc.

CTG: How did you feel when you heard that your entry had won?

VG: It is always a pleasure to celebrate an achievement. It's even more rewarding when the team's hard work, mutual support, and collaboration can be attributed to the award. Being publicly recognised as the "AI/ML Team of the Year" results from the team's continuous development of expertise and academic work that goes into developing successful solutions, projects, and demos.

CTG: What do you think made your entry stand out?

VG: With our entry, we aimed to showcase the breadth of our experience and share the lessons we learned over the years, helping organisations of different sizes to solve complex business problems using data.

We believe that a strong data science team combines a keen understanding of business operations and domains with expertise in various scientific fields, including computer vision, time series analysis, signal processing, natural language understanding, generative models, and others. This is what differentiates our team from others. We have also provided a dynamic showreel to present the scope of our expertise, which also helped our entry to stand out.

CTG: What does the win mean for your team, and your organisation? How will it help you?

VG: This win is a great accomplishment for our team and organisation. It provides recognition of our dedicated work and motivation to expand our services, reach new goals, and find new business opportunities and partnerships. We are also committed to sharing results for educational purposes in our long-term cooperation with universities and various educational projects for the younger generation of IT.

CTG: What does the future hold for your organisation - what are the priorities for the next 12 months?

VG: ELEKS has been working to extend and improve our Machine Learning Development Services to help our customers optimise their business performance at scale.

There are plans to implement some bits of our niche machine learning expertise into new products for areas like microeconomics, where the sector's needs are not fully covered by standard tools like ERP's analytical modules. Our team has gathered a lot of expertise and ideas in automotive, robotics, and agent building fields, so more projects are underway. Finally, we've got an opportunity to build a new type of quantum computing machine.

We are looking forward to offering our customers more high-value data-driven services and solutions in the nearest future.

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