6 reasons BlackBerry crumbled in the smartphone market

Dan Worth

Terrible designs, zero cool factor and more

3. Corporate slowdown

Business man using smartphone as part of bring your own device trend

If BlackBerry had one market it should have been able to rely on it was the corporate space. The firm dominated the market at a time when the ability to actually do meaningful work on a mobile device exploded.

It also boasted the highly secure BES platform that ensured content was always encrypted and uncrackable. At least that was the claim until governments around the world started demanding access.

BlackBerry always said that it would never cave into such demands, but rumours abounded that it had done so in nations such as India and Pakistan, no doubt unnerving some security managers.

Meanwhile, several network problems caused many to lose faith in the firm's offering, realising that relying on a single firm's network was perhaps not the best idea.

Lastly, the bring-your-own-device trend that saw staff using personal iPhones or Android devices for work meant that many BlackBerry phones suddenly became redundant.

Some companies clamped down on this, of course, but most embraced it and turned to tools to manage it, which even BlackBerry realised by buying Good Technology last year, meaning that many BlackBerry contracts were never renewed.

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