Register now for the IT Leaders Summit 2024

From AI to cyber threats and recruitment, there's something for everyone

Tom Allen
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Register now for the IT Leaders Summit 2024

The IT Leaders Summit returns for 2024, but spaces are limited - register now to guarantee your spot.

What is the biggest challenge facing IT leaders today?

Some of you will have said "cybersecurity." Others will have said "recruitment," "artificial intelligence," or newer areas of concern like "sustainability" and "diversity."

That's because there is no one single challenge. The modern IT leader has to keep all those plates spinning at once, while juggling everything else the business decides falls under their remit. It's not a job for the faint-hearted.

That's why Computing's IT Leaders Summit, returning to London on the 18th September, covers all those areas and more. This free event, tailored for end-users, serves as a cornerstone for IT leaders seeking to learn, engage and navigate the modern technology landscape.

The heart of the summit is an exploration of the holistic aspects of IT leadership. While technology is still pivotal, the IT Leaders Summit recognises the equal importance of mastering people and process dynamics. Delegates will hear from a range of experts, covering topics such as team building, bridging the tech-business gap and adapting to the ever-evolving IT terrain.

Don't just take our word for it: one attendee, a CIO in the heritage sector, said the IT Leaders Summit 2023 was "not just the best tech event, but the best event I've ever been to."

Past attendees said the 2023 Summit was "the best event ever"

Past editions of the summit have delved deep into cloud computing, automation, analytics, AI and digital transformation. With remote work, skill shortages and especially AI (still) presenting challenges, the knowledge to be gained at the event has never been more pertinent.

The agenda covers every area the IT leader has to know about in 2024: from addressing novel cyber threats and elevating diversity to building customer-centric strategies in difficult economic times. Attendees will also explore the delicate balance between sustainability objectives and cost management in tech procurement processes.

Panel discussions and presentations will provide invaluable insights into leadership in AI-driven transformation, the human side of technology, and more, equipping attendees with the tools and perspectives needed to effectively navigate their roles.

If you're a senior IT professional from an end-user company, the IT Leaders Summit offers an unparalleled opportunity to expand your knowledge, network with peers, and gain actionable insights to drive your organisation forward. Register now to secure your free place at this essential event.

Spaces are limited, so make sure you're on the list for this crown jewel of the Computing calendar.

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