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Essential reading for aspiring entrants

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Natalie Cramp has judged the 2019 and 2020 Security Excellence Awards

Natalie Cramp has judged the 2019 and 2020 Security Excellence Awards

Cybersecurity touches every area of business, and a robust security strategy is critical to survival in the modern world. But turning survival into success requires much more.

The importance of secrecy means the world of cybersecurity is one shrouded in mystery - but it doesn't all have to be. One element we're committed to making transparent is the process of entering the Security Excellence Awards.

That's why we asked Natalie Cramp, a judge at the Security Excellence Awards 2020 and 2021, for her top tips for aspiring entrants for the 2023 show - taking place in London this April.

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Natalie is the CEO of Profusion, and was inspired to judge as part of her own drive to raise female representation in the industry. She says, "Awards are an important part of driving quality and diversity in the profession. They showcase great case studies and provide role models for those who are entering the industry.

"I think it is really important to have female representation in the industry, particularly those who didn't grow up in the industry, and I hope I can provide that view point as a judge."

Here's Natalie's experienced advice on how to build a winning entry:

Don't be scared to enter

"We can all talk ourselves out of thinking what we have done is anything special, but you won't know if you don't give it a go by entering. Be proud of your work and share it."

Focus on outcomes

"What has been achieved as a result of this work? What couldn't have been achieved without it? Don't just tell us you did that, or you're a great leader; show us in any measurable form that you can, using statistics, quotes etc."

Don't use jargon

"Don't assume the person reading your entry is as au fait with the specific thing you've been working on that you are. Write in simple, short sentences that don't use language you couldn't explain easily to a non-technical relative."

Provide short context

"In not many words you should give us a few numbers that help us put this in context with the size and scale of the challenge - how many users for example or how long the delays were before this intervention was put in place - frame the challenge to let us know why the results were so good."

Entries for the Security Excellence Awards close on the 10th February. Click here for a full list of categories or here to start your entry.

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