DevSecOps: Agile, Secure, Responsible

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Deskflix: DevSecOps

Deskflix: DevSecOps

Over the last decade, DevOps has become integral to streamlining the development process, ensuring tighter communication between teams, easier and faster development cycles, and better end-user experiences. However, recent years have exposed flaws in the duet of developers and operations.

As part of Computing's acclaimed Deskflix series, Deskflix: DevSecOps will dispel any ideas of a simple shift left and will highlight the necessity for organisations to reimagine their development processes once more. By including security at every stage of the development process, your products will not only experience the benefits of agile development: they will grow stronger with each iteration through rapid automated testing and QA in your CI/CD pipeline, and allow for increased observability.

Join us on Tuesday 30 November from 10am - 2.20pm to hear from a diverse range of industry leaders and experts. Learn from their experiences on how you can build better cross-functional teams and implement secure code into products from day one. Changing your company culture to place equal emphasis on your development, security, and operations might seem expensive up front, but what rewards can you expect after the transition?

We'll have our usual mix of informative and thought-provoking keynotes, panel sessions and presentations. The event is free to attend, and better still, you can earn CPD points as you learn. Click here to reserve your free place.

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