How does ERP benefit from moving to the cloud?

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Fewer than 20 per cent of companies are using cloud ERP today, but that number will spike to almost half in the next two years

Thanks to the global disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic, companies in many industries are reassessing their relationships with on-premises software. Thankfully, the burden of sudden location changes and access issues are effectively eased by cloud-based solutions. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications stand to benefit from the advantages of the cloud as much as any other enterprise workflow. Boosts to scalability, continuity, security, manageability, and cost benefits are amongst the much-touted gains up for grabs. However, the back-office has lagged behind other lines of business in moving to the cloud. 

In Computing's upcoming webinar, ‘The real-world benefits of moving ERP to the cloud' - sponsored by Unit4 - we will discuss the results of research investigating where businesses are in their ERP cloud migration journey, and what those organisations that are keeping their ERP operations on-premises may be missing out on.

For example, although most departments primarily host their ERP on-site, with less than a quarter using public or private cloud, there is a significant trend to move off-premises. Of the European IT leaders we questioned, more than half had moved (16 per cent) or were moving (39 per cent) to the cloud. In two years' time, those numbers are expected to reach 47 per cent having fully implemented, with another 24 per cent still rolling out a cloud ERP.

By comparing the experiences and opinions of those who have already made the move to the cloud with those who have yet to do so, we'll cut through the rhetoric to the lived experiences, and get to the bottom of the question, "Should your ERP be on the cloud today?"

We'll also gauge the extent to which the outcomes have lived up to pre-migration expectations, satisfaction levels, how to get the most out of cloud-based ERP, what kinds of organisations have the most to gain, getting easy access to the latest innovations, and ensuring the agility to adapt to business challenges and opportunities.

We will host this webinar on the 2nd September. Sign up today!

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