IT Leaders Forum: Planning for Migration to Windows 7


This IT Leaders Forum will provide CIOs with an insight into how to prepare for the migration to Windows 7

With support for XP due to be withdrawn in 2014, many analysts are recommending that CIOs put Windows 7 migration strategies into play soon.

The new OS promises significant advantages in terms of IT efficiency and user productivity. But, like any major rollout, migration requires careful planning and consultation.

This event will focus on the key challenges of Windows 7 migration, and how CIOs can manage them. Topics for discussion may include:

Pros and cons of migration: what are the key drivers and obstacles, and is there a viable alternative to Windows 7?

PC strategies: replace, migrate or utilise virtualised desktops?

Identifying potential problems at the planning stage by gaining a thorough understanding of your existing application and hardware estate, and the usage patterns of all departments in your organisation

Accurately quantifying the cost of migration and planning an implementation strategy that balances cost-effectiveness with optimum business benefits

Getting end user buy in through user acceptance testing and communication of benefits


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