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Your business decisions are only as good as the data on which they're based, and in a world embracing analytics, IoT and cloud services there's an increasingly massive amount of data to sift through and draw conclusions from.

To fuel enterprise digital transformation, it's paramount to protect and nuture data in four key areas, which will be the focus of content on the Data Strategy channel.

Exploring data-driven decision-making, connectivity across ecosystems, process automation and optimisation and innovation, the Data Strategy channel follows data analytics, master data management, quality management and data science, among many other themes, to keep you up to date with the latest industry developments.

Smart business decisions are made with smart data - stay smart by checking in often.

And how do you get over it?

Big Data and Analytics

The skills gap, investments and business culture are all potential barriers that stand in the way of success

clock 04 March 2019 •
A third of IT leaders say cost is an automation roadblock

Big Data and Analytics

But more than half are keen to pursue it anyway

clock 26 February 2019 •
Four in five IT leaders consider data vital for business innovation

Big Data and Analytics

Market changes, process needs and the opportunities provided by new knowledge prompt innovation

clock 15 February 2019 •
Complexity is the first barrier to automation adoption

Cloud and Infrastructure

Lack of digital skills - at least partly the result of complex business practices - is the single biggest blocker to automation

clock 06 February 2019 •
UK business leaders share mixed feelings about ability to innovate

Big Data and Analytics

Innovation is critical to survival, but is often relegated to R&D or data science teams instead of being a whole-business process

clock 31 January 2019 •
More applications, more complexity: what is driving automation adoption?

Cloud and Infrastructure

Almost 60 per cent of UK firms identified the need to modernise as a reason to automate business processes

clock 28 January 2019 •
Data is at the heart of modern innovation

Big Data and Analytics

More than a third of our respondents lacked confidence in their organisation's ability to innovate

clock 24 January 2019 •
Automation can dramatically raise efficiencies across a business


23 per cent of firms say that they use little to no automation, but that is set to change soon

clock 21 January 2019 •
Data duplication and silo creation are common amongst Welsh councils


Councils are not taking full advantage of the data they collect

clock 06 December 2018 •