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Fears that China will use its dominance of network equipment manufacturing to spy on telecoms networks worldwide


Trump administration officials looking to build national 5G network in order to cut distrusted manufacturers out

clock 29 January 2018 •
Theresa May to take her crusade against secure communications to Davos


Theresa May to criticise technology companies while at the same time pitching the UK as a centre for AI and machine learning

clock 25 January 2018 •
WhatsApp tackles spam-message syndrome with new notification


Users will be warned when they see or send a suspected spam message

clock 23 January 2018 •
UK police build Amazon Alexa app to report crimes and drive recruitment


Lancashire Police plans to hire 200 new officers over the next 12 months

clock 23 January 2018 •
DDoS attacks becoming bigger and more complex, warns report


DDos attacks are booming with disgruntled gamers and extortionists the biggest threat

clock 23 January 2018 •
WhatsApp adds web client and messaging stats as it launches dedicated business app


WhatsApp Business is available for free in the UK now

clock 19 January 2018 •
OS fragmentation means that many devices won’t be patched

Mobile Phones

Only four per cent of devices have been patched - and many can't be

clock 16 January 2018 •
Spectre drains iPhone 6 performance by 40 per cent in benchmark testing


Might as well throw that iPhone 6 in the bin now

clock 15 January 2018 •
UCL researchers develop method for securing communications between quantum computers


Scientists claim that technique could make quantum communications unhackable

clock 14 January 2018 •