Adult toy maker forced to pay out millions over intimate data invasion

Dave Neal
Standard Innovation is making it rain on privacy stripped punters

Standard Innovation is making it rain on privacy stripped punters

Standard Innovation will pay penetrated punters a cool 10 grand a dong

A MAKER OF SMART WANG BANDS CALLED Standard Innovation is to start paying out $10,000 in compensation to customers who felt that their hardware was more penetrative than it ought to be, and took away too much information via a complimentary app.

We are not experts in this field, but we do know that nearly every application that exists takes its share of personal information. We do not know what type of information a cyber dong strap would take, but we suspect that it is very personal indeed.

"We-Vibe was created to connect couples and build intimacy," said Tristan Weedmark, Global Passion Ambassador at We-Vibe in an official description during the launch of a previous cyber-dong. 

"And the new We-Vibe 4 Plus adds another layer of connection and frisky fun because couples are able to customise their experience and take their sex lives to the next level. The We-Connect app brings couples closer together, even if they are continents apart."

Prrrrrffffffttttt. Eventually, some users came down from their ecstasies associated with the We-Vibe app and hardware and realised that something was wrong. A class action was born, and that class action has just delivered some financial compensation.

The lawsuit was filed in the North District of Illinois Eastern Division District Court, and the settlement is online. The courts decided that Standard Innovation should pay out $4 million Canadian dollars and should now only collect non-identifiable information.

The legal papers make it clear that this is a settlement and a "compromise to end the lawsuit and avoid the uncertainties and costs associated with litigation".

Anyone in the US who used one of the sexual toys and downloaded the application can apply for a share of the profits. This applies to anyone who has rode anyone of these penis accessories; the We-Vibe Classic, We-Vibe 4 Plus, We-Vibe Rave and We-Vibe Nova.   

We've asked Standard Innovation for a sample comment and will update if it responds. µ

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