Why People Want to See More Videos from Brands and Which Video Editor Should Marketers Use in 2019?

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Everyone loves video content, but producing professional videos isn't necessarily as easy as it should be - until now

As video grew a lot in the social media space, it has become one of the most effective and in-demand marketing tools. That is because people can't get enough of videos. More than half of customers (54%) say that they would like to see more videos from brands this year. Let's see why people love video so much and how it can be used for business's benefit.

The Most Engaging Type of Content

Video has benefits that no other type of content does. It includes both visual and auditory content and if needed can easily display nonverbal communication which makes it much more engaging and understandable than texts, images or infographics.

According to Cisco's report by 2022, video will represent up to 82% of the world's internet traffic. Also, researches show that 60% of consumers before reading a website's text will first watch a video on the same page.

Everybody Wants to Share a Video

Another benefit of video content is that it loves to go viral and generates 12 times more shares than texts and images combined. For marketers that means that a good video will help to increase traffic and provide organic growth for the business.

Video engages the audience's attention for a longer period of time. Researches show that people spend 88% more time on websites that have videos in comparison with the ones that don't. Consequently, having a video on your landing page will directly improve dwell rates.

Videos Drive Conversions and Increase Sales

The most important part for marketers is that video increases sales: 81% of consumers said that video convinced them to buy a product or service. And 76% of businesses noticed that video marketing is effective when you're aiming to sell more.

Moreover, video reduces support queries which was noted by half of business decision makers (47%). People don't like to ask for help and firstly try to solve their problems by themselves. And the best thing a marketer can do to meet this need is to create an explainer video. As it combines both visual and auditory types of engagement, in many cases it can be even more supportive than a support officer. For example, when it comes to explaining something about an application or online service, the best way to show how it works will be a screen capture video.

How a Beginner Can Create a Marketing Video

To enjoy all the benefits of video marketing company doesn't even need a whole production team. Everything that matters is a high-quality video editing software that will not take much time to understand. In this regard, one of the best is Movavi Video Editor that is distinguished by an easy-to-use interface and intuitive control. The software will help even a complete beginner to create a professional looking movie.

For instance, one of the most useful tools for those who have no experience in video making is the automatic video creation feature. Let's say you want to make a quick video report after a big business event. Everything you'll need to do is to upload your photos and choose the right music. Movavi will connect them together and you'll get a ready video slideshow.

In Movavi Video Editor, there is a wide array of effects including animations, zoom, and pan. To join the clips together and make the whole video more natural you can choose out of 100 different animated transitions in the application. In addition to the effects and animations, in the library, you'll find more than 40 different titles, 70 stickers, and 160 filters to make your video more impressive. To make the beginning and the end of your film remarkable there are 15 ready-to-use intros and outros at your disposal.

If you need more effects, there are plenty of them in Movavi Store. The Technology set will be great for marketing videos as you can find in it stickers for infographics, futuristic titles, discreet backgrounds and so on.

The stabilization feature will come in handy if some of your videos are made without a tripod. You can easily make them less shaky and at the same time save the quality of the video. Another useful option is the chroma key. That means you can shoot a video in your office with the green screen and then place yourself on any background you choose: a fancy conference hall, a crowd of recognized businessmen, the TedX stage.

Also, there are sample sounds, music, backgrounds and various audio effects such as noise removal and beat detection. Besides, in Movavi Video Editor you can record your own voiceover and edit an audio track to make the most suitable background.

The finished video is easy to upload to YouTube or Vimeo directly from the program and then share it with colleagues instead of sending it as a file.

As you can see, video making isn't complicated. Just try it with Movavi Video Editor and see how video marketing will affect your business performance.

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