Developer Reviews
Windows 8 start screen

Review: Windows 8 Developer Preview

Windows 8 introduces a new touch-screen interface and App Store software delivery model 24 Oct 2011
three star
Samsung Windows 8 Tablet PC

First Look: Microsoft Windows 8 Developer Preview

Microsoft's Developer Preview of Windows 8 shows Jekyll and Hyde characteristics - but it is early days 23 Sep 2011
three star
Red Hat Fedora logo

Review: Red Hat Fedora 15

The latest version of the experimental operating system features a radically different GUI in GNOME 3 07 Jun 2011
four star
Google Chrome 10

Google Chrome 10 review

Google Chrome 10 adds useful updates to counter IE9 launch 15 Mar 2011
five star
CorelDRAW Premium Suite X5 box shot

CorelDraw Premium Suite X5 review

A very good attempt at an all-in-one system for the creation and editing of graphics, video and audio content 11 Jan 2011
four star
Red Hat Fedora 14 screen shot

Red Hat Fedora 14 review

We put the latest version of this free Linux-based operating system through our labs tests 13 Dec 2010
four star
Microsoft IE9 beta screen shot

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 beta review

There is a lot for users and designers to like in Microsoft’s new browser, says Dave Bailey 25 Oct 2010
four star
Visual Studio 8 Professional screen shot

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional edition review

Visual Studio 2008 offers a tasty smorgasbord of programming options 28 Mar 2008
five star

VMware ESX Server

An impressive option for firms needing to run several operating systems on the same server hardware 23 Sep 2004
four star

Aelita Recovery Manager

A time-saving tool for network managers running Microsoft Exchange 02 Aug 2004
four star

NetSupport DNA

A good first stab at a network management suite from a remote control specialist 02 Aug 2004
three star

DataCore SANmelody

Software to build cheaper, more flexible storage with standard LAN hardware 16 Mar 2004

Rockliffe MailSite 6

Rockliffe's Windows-based email system now includes anti-spam and antivirus tools 28 Nov 2003

Softek Storage Manager 2.1

Softek's SSM 2.1 suite monitors and manages storage resources 09 May 2003