Storage Reviews
iStorage Datashur encrypted USB keypad

iStorage Datashur USB review

Encrypted USB drive with physical keypad 23 Jan 2012
Turbo NAS TS-1279U-RP front

QNAP Turbo NAS TS-1279U-RP review

Scalable NAS appliance for SMBs 17 Jan 2012
Synology DiskStation DS712plus

Review: Synology DiskStation DS712+

Network-attached storage system offering upgradeable storage with gigabit network connectivity 28 Dec 2011
four star
Promise Technology Pegasus R6 direct attached storage

Review: Promise Technology Pegasus R6 Direct Attached Storage

Promise gives Mac users premier storage kit 23 Nov 2011
four star
Trend Micro SafeSync for Business main screen

Review: Trend Micro SafeSync for Business

Simple cloud service for small and medium-sized businesses, but it lacks a service level agreement 14 Jun 2011
three star
Kingston 8GB Data Traveler Vault Privacy managed USB drive

Review: Kingston Data Traveler Vault Privacy - managed by BlockMaster SafeConsole

Managed 8GB Flash storage could allay mobile security fears in enterprises and public sector 13 Apr 2011
four star
EMC device

Review : Easy branch office storage consolidation

EMC’s AX4 array delivers flexible networked storage to mid-sized firms and branch offices 12 Mar 2008
four star
Samsung flash ssd drive

Flash disk gives laptops a lift

Samsung’s new Flash disk can extend battery life and boost performance – at a price 16 Jul 2007
three star
Compellent device

Tiers answer cry for efficient storage

Compellent’s Storage Center moves data to lower cost tiers as it is accessed less often. 17 Oct 2006
An electronic device

Top disks for desktops

Fibrenetix’s Qubex Raid array delivers high performance but doesn’t make a big noise about it. 17 Oct 2006
An electronic device

NAS kit uses Linux to good effect

Adaptec’s Snap Server 520 combines ease-of-use and performance with good expansion options 17 Oct 2006
Pioneer BluRay drive

Tested: Pioneer Blu-Ray drive

The BDR-101A Blu-ray drive for PCs uses media with five times the capacity of a DVD 28 Jul 2006
DellPowervault 110t

Review: Dell PowerVault 110T

Dell's PowerVault 110T Ultrium 3 drive is a capacious branch-office backup solution. 13 Jun 2006
Quantum Dat 72

Tested: Quantum DAT 72 tape drive

Quantum's DAT 72 CD72LWE-SSTE backed up data more quickly than its main rival 12 Jun 2006
four star
HP Storageworks DAT 72

Tested: HP StorageWorks DAT 72

HP's DAT 72 drive offers an economical way to back up data held at remote sites 12 Jun 2006
three star

Quantum SDLT 600

A backup drive that outperforms the Ultrium 2 format by 10 percent 18 Oct 2004
four star

Adaptec iSA1500

This iSCSI-based storage array should prove cost-effective 14 May 2004

LG Super Multi Write Plus

Support for all recordable DVD and CD formats, eliminating compatibility worries 14 Nov 2003

HP StorageWorks Ultrium 460

HP's StorageWorks Ultrium 460 tape drive handles 200GB of uncompressed data and offers 30MB/s sustained transfer rates 29 Nov 2002

Overland Storage Neo 4000

The Neo 4000 tape library is now more expandable and can run SDLT 320 drives, making it an attractive mid-range option 10 Oct 2002