Computing research: keeping data out of the wrong hands

data breach black glove
John Leonard explains how organisation can safely navigate the changing threat landscape
26 Nov 2012

Computing research: Big data and the quest for the ultimate truth

John Leonard discovers why organisations are turning their attention to data that lies outside enterprise databases
17 Oct 2012

Computing Research: Microsoft Exchange 2010 – taking the plunge

John Leonard relays some practical advice based on expert best practice and readers’ experience
18 Jul 2012

Computing Research: Microsoft Exchange – the great migration

The path to becoming an Exchange 2010 user can be arduous, but it is a journey more and more enterprises are willing to make
04 Jul 2012

Computing research: how and why big data has hit the mainstream

Exclusive Computing research explores how and why big data is here, and what UK organisations are doing to manage it effectively
10 May 2012

What can CRM bring to your business?

CRM can deliver many benefits to multiple departments within an organisation - not just Sales & Marketing.
18 Apr 2011

Consolidating your software to position your business for growth

Computing video white paper - how much are your work flow cycles hindering growth?
18 Apr 2011

Technology Barometer: Fall in green IT interest explained

Cobalt partner Chris Williams talks about the power of the iPad, the apparent drop in interest in green IT and the IT jobs market
28 Feb 2011