NSA chief calls for improved cyber crime response, but Snowden argues US should focus on defence

Admiral Mike Rogers and whistleblower Edward Snowden obviously have different views on NSA activities
09 Jan 2015

FBI's accusation that North Korea hacked Sony has 'puzzle pieces that don’t make sense' says Lieberman Software

'It is pretty easy to forge email IP addresses' security firm points out
09 Jan 2015

Post-Christmas influx of new mobile devices poses enterprise security threat, warns EY

Mobile phone security padlock
Businesses must ensure BYOD is properly managed, argues Massimo Cotrozzi, director of cyber crime investigations at EY
08 Jan 2015

Will Sony really see no financial impact from cyber-attack?

Security experts agree with CEO Hirai that short-term financial impact may be minimal but say that the long-term damage is unclear
08 Jan 2015

NHS was informed that leaflets were ‘not fit for purpose’ before £1m rollout

NHS replied by claiming leaflets had already been sent to the printers and would not be recalled
07 Jan 2015

'Privacy and security implications' of Internet of Things must be addressed, warns US Federal Trade Commission

Edith Ramirez states unregulated IoT could see businesses take 'deeply personal' information without user knowledge
07 Jan 2015

Backbytes: Guess who's looking for security specialists? Why, Moonpig...

Embarrassingly hacked gift card site pulls advert seeking security staff
06 Jan 2015

HSCIC readies secure data facility for programme

Long-term secure access solution for is still being considered, but new facility should be ready by March 2015
06 Jan 2015

Facebook acquires voice recognition firm - but can it be trusted to respect our privacy?

Palo Alto firm that 'turns speech into actionable data' likely to be used to target adverts at Facebook users
06 Jan 2015

Moonpig customers' personal details exposed in “simple API flaw” in Android mobile app

“There's no authentication at all,” blast security specialists as Moonpig takes down its mobile apps
06 Jan 2015

Apple fixes 'painfully obvious' new year security flaw in iCloud

Hacker releases exploit on Github to force Apple to patch iCloud security flaw
06 Jan 2015

If you've been hacked, and nothing else is secure, you need an, err, old BlackBerry

Sony Pictures unlocks a stash of old BlackBerrys for secure communications after Guardians of Peace hack
05 Jan 2015

Computing refresh: All the news you missed over Christmas and New Year

Hacks, more hacks, a secret new web browser, stolen fingerprints and draconian national firewalls. That was the holidays that was
02 Jan 2015

JP Morgan identifies insecure server as entry-point for summer hack

Server overlooked by security staff when JP Morgan implemented two-factor authentication
23 Dec 2014

Trojan based on Zeus targets 150 banks, many in UK, and can hijack webcams

Chthonic is based on ZeusVM after 'significant changes' advises Kaspersky
22 Dec 2014

New Spark malware targeting retail systems identified

Windows XP-based retail systems at risk from yet another memory-scraping malware tool
19 Dec 2014

Cyber security contractors' day rates rise to £500 as demand for security specialists booms

Companies are turning to contractors as the supply of skilled cyber-security staff dries up
19 Dec 2014

US discovers Sony attack is 'state-sponsored' and considers 'proportional response'

North Korea not directly namechecked as aggressor, however
19 Dec 2014 Caldicott calls for NHS to answer areas of concern

If answers satisfy Caldicott and the independent panel, will go ahead as an 'opt-out' scheme
18 Dec 2014

Hacked Sony staff ‘should not worry about studio’s future’ assures CEO Lynton

Company prepares for 'Christmas gift' of more data leaks
16 Dec 2014

FBI alerts US firms to Iranian hacker threat

SQL Injection, spear phishing, and water-holing attacks thought to be originating from Iran, warns report
15 Dec 2014

Cornwall Council sent information about salaries and redundancies to wrong staff in data breach

Council blames 'data transfer error' for breach that affected at least 50 employees
15 Dec 2014

Sony hackers: it's not the North Korean government, nor an insider, suggests security expert Bruce Schneier

Private emails from ordinary staff released by Sony hackers show why privacy is so important – Schneier
15 Dec 2014

MPs say programme should be put on hold

All Party Parliamentary Group report says there is a lack of clarity about the project and says it 'would be correct to halt the programme'
12 Dec 2014