IT salaries healthy despite redundancies

IT manager's salaries rise despite industry slump
18 Apr 2002

Outsourcing: Don't believe the hype

Businesses must avoid technology utopias, says Gartner
08 Apr 2002

Gartner predicts slow recovery for IT

Pragmatic thinking will lead firms out of 'gap year'
08 Apr 2002

The 'gap year' gets another six months

Analyst Gartner says there will be no quick and easy recovery
08 Apr 2002

NTL jitters spark SLA warning

Closely monitor your NTL managed services
03 Apr 2002

Compaq backs merger by massive margin

Compaq shareholders say "yes", but HP vote too close to call
27 Mar 2002

Closing date looms for networking industry awards

Time is running out
27 Mar 2002

Networking salaries explode 12 per cent in last year

Average salaries for networking and comms experts rose 12 per cent in 2001
25 Mar 2002

Ballots cast in shareholder showdown

HP/Compaq shareholders throw their votes
19 Mar 2002

Jaguar Racing gets power on demand

Utility computing helps team design a faster car
19 Mar 2002

HP-Compaq merger awaits final verdict

IT mega-merger will be decided this week.
18 Mar 2002

Businesses shorten the leash on outsourcing contracts

Companies are clamping down on outsourcers by demanding tighter contracts and keeping control of core IT functionality
05 Mar 2002

BT Brightstar boss attacks VCs

BT's incubator makes changes to compensate for 'switched off' venture capitalists
01 Mar 2002

Scheme targets top skills

Slowdown in uptake, however
28 Feb 2002

Comment - A matter of import

Fast-track worker programme hits opposition
28 Feb 2002

Firms chase foreign skills

UK contractors concerned over migrant influx
25 Feb 2002

Staff data guide lacks clarity

Industry bodies say the draft guide for complying with the 1998 Data Protection Act is confusing and too long
25 Feb 2002

Your ICL Reunited letters

Tales of intrigue and romance from the UK IT industry flagship
22 Feb 2002

Computing wants your ICL stories

Computing is mourning the passing of an IT legend.
15 Feb 2002

'Arrogant' India fails to curry favour in Vector field tests

Despite its popularity as an overseas outsourcing location, India is more expensive and arrogant than the emerging market in Russia
12 Feb 2002

Storms brew in IT services

Three of big five accountancies plan flotation of their consultancy arms
11 Feb 2002

Storms brew in IT services

Three of big five accountancies plan flotation of their consultancy arms
11 Feb 2002

EC says yes, but HP merger vote in the balance

Although the European Commission has approved the proposed merger between Compaq and HP without restriction, shareholders remain concerned about technology integration issues
06 Feb 2002

Warning on corporate Web sites

Consultant says most firms neglect usability when designing Web sites
04 Feb 2002