Boots ready to outsource IT

Cost-cutting plan will result in major contract
20 Jun 2002

Networks Telecom: Recruitment advisers on hand to help find the right job

If you're at Networks Telecom and want some career advice, visit the Network News stand
18 Jun 2002

Dell to buy services clout

Dell is planning small acquisitions to fulfil its services ambitions
31 May 2002

Financial practices stifle IT

Many firms might benefit from altering the way they assess the value of IT investments
31 May 2002

HP turns to services allies

The new HP has announced its services strategy will still focus on partnerships
31 May 2002

HP plans risk-free services

HP Services will not ape IBM Global Services
31 May 2002

DfES begins portal deployment

Department wants to improve internal communication
22 May 2002

The Met updates 999 call centres

Government funds scheme to address increased demand
22 May 2002

New disasters are just waiting to happen

Missing disaster recovery plans are a disaster waiting to happen
21 May 2002

HP just itching to get out on the road

HP has rushed to publish its product roadmap for business critical systems
21 May 2002

Web technology is still cutting costs

Efficiency and savings are driving online business
16 May 2002

New HP shows its hand

HP faces a tough road as it begins to assimilate Compaq
10 May 2002

Green light for tube ticket plan

LU presses on with smartcard project ahead of national standard
09 May 2002

New HP prepares to axe product lines

Three year roadmap for combined product lines
08 May 2002

IT salaries healthy despite redundancies

IT manager's salaries rise despite industry slump
18 Apr 2002

Outsourcing: Don't believe the hype

Businesses must avoid technology utopias, says Gartner
08 Apr 2002

Gartner predicts slow recovery for IT

Pragmatic thinking will lead firms out of 'gap year'
08 Apr 2002

The 'gap year' gets another six months

Analyst Gartner says there will be no quick and easy recovery
08 Apr 2002

NTL jitters spark SLA warning

Closely monitor your NTL managed services
03 Apr 2002

Compaq backs merger by massive margin

Compaq shareholders say "yes", but HP vote too close to call
27 Mar 2002

Closing date looms for networking industry awards

Time is running out
27 Mar 2002

Networking salaries explode 12 per cent in last year

Average salaries for networking and comms experts rose 12 per cent in 2001
25 Mar 2002

Ballots cast in shareholder showdown

HP/Compaq shareholders throw their votes
19 Mar 2002

Jaguar Racing gets power on demand

Utility computing helps team design a faster car
19 Mar 2002