EC says yes, but HP merger vote in the balance

Although the European Commission has approved the proposed merger between Compaq and HP without restriction, shareholders remain concerned about technology integration issues
06 Feb 2002

Warning on corporate Web sites

Consultant says most firms neglect usability when designing Web sites
04 Feb 2002

Changing of guard at IBM

IBM's new chief executive is set to drive the company deeper into services
04 Feb 2002

Dell to beef up services capabilities

New strategy aims to minimise damage of hardware slump
04 Feb 2002

The Met inspects deal with Sema

'Excessive' costs may sour outsourcing contract
31 Jan 2002

Fees drop for IT services

Increasing pressure on consultancies has led some to offer 80 percent off normal rates, and analysts are advising IT managers to negotiate hard for the best deals
28 Jan 2002

Compaq services chief jumps ship to Dell

Dell may now push into enterprise services
23 Jan 2002

UK PC sales thrive despite downturn

7.5 million expected to buy a new computer this year
22 Jan 2002

Microsoft tailors deal for High Street bank

Royal Bank of Scotland has signed a multi-million pound licensing deal with Microsoft covering its 75,000 desktops.
17 Jan 2002

Security suffers as new businesses target survival

Implementing the updated BS7799 standard will bring real benefits to all companies
16 Jan 2002

Barclays sees benefits from IBM contract

The financial services provider signed risk and reward deal with Big Blue last year
16 Jan 2002

CA support gets e-makeover

Computer Associates takes customers dissatisfaction to heart
16 Jan 2002

Welsh assembly gets into e-procurement

E-government arrives in the Valleys
15 Jan 2002

Staff monitoring guidelines delayed again

Legal experts worried users will be left to negotiate a legal minefield
11 Jan 2002

£1bn on IT still won't save NHS

Record figure isn't enough to address health service problems, say critics
09 Jan 2002

Euro problems may take time to surface

Analysts warn against complacency over currency changeover
09 Jan 2002

Consignia to outsource IT

The contract will be one of the largest in the UK this year
09 Jan 2002

Top 10 technology priorities: What's hot and what's not

A look at what Santa has in store for network managers.
19 Dec 2001

2001: the good, the bad and the very bad

Ladies and gentlemen ... the IT Christmas Awards special
19 Dec 2001

Benq to unveil multi-purpose devices

Future of IT lies in 'digital life devices'
13 Dec 2001

Integration left out of project planning

Firms ignoring integration, says BEA
13 Dec 2001

Manchester 2002 IT systems on track

Commonwealth Games organiser uses one common platform
13 Dec 2001

Careless emails cost careers

Lawyer warns firms to be vigilant over internal policies
13 Dec 2001

Java beats .Net in enterprise war

BEA chairman delivers requiem for Microsoft strategy
13 Dec 2001