NSA to replace 90 per cent of its system administrators with machines to cut leaks

Secure "thin virtual cloud structure" to replace 'insecure' employees
12 Aug 2013

Apple beats Samsung in US patent import case

Apple logo
Older Samsung devices to be banned from US shores after a 'review period'
12 Aug 2013

'You're shooting yourself in the foot if you're not willing to hire a hacker'

Digital security padlock red image
WhiteHat Security's Robert Hansen tells Computing that businesses need to be more open minded about hiring reformed hackers to combat cyber threats
08 Aug 2013

Licensing consumes most IT budget, patching absorbs most time

Computing surveyed over 100 IT professionals about the biggest consumers of IT budgets and man hours
07 Aug 2013

Amazon UK introduces digital downloads for software and videogames

600 products already launched - with more to follow, promises Amazon
07 Aug 2013

Facebook pays boy of 13 share of $1m for amateur security testing

329 'bounties' paid out in two years, with two job offers made by social network’s 'Bug Bounty' programme
05 Aug 2013

Android claims 80 per cent share of smartphone market

Apple's share dips as Google device popularity climbs
02 Aug 2013

Icahn sues Dell and board as buyout race heats up

Lawsuit seeks block on Michael Dell's proposed rule changes for shareholder voting
02 Aug 2013

Vodafone CIO to become HMRC's chief digital and information officer

Mark Dearnley to take control of £200m, three-year digitisation programme
01 Aug 2013

Android 4.3 launches – multi-user restricted profiles provide incentive for enterprise

Wi-Fi performance and graphical processing boosts also arrive in latest Jelly Bean
29 Jul 2013

UK IT job growth at most rapid since dot-com boom

Statistics show two quarters of double-digit growth for the first time since dawn of millennium
29 Jul 2013

'Execs don't understand how to fix cyber security problem'

While 'maniacs run around' with mobile devices, executives are aware of a security problem, but don't understand how to address it
25 Jul 2013

Google Chromecast streams mobile data to TV and Apple devices

The $35 device will be a cause for concern for Apple in both the living room and boardroom
25 Jul 2013

Yahoo investor responsible for appointing Mayer sells shares, leaves board

Despite selling off his Yahoo shares, Dan Loeb believes Yahoo is heading in the right direction
23 Jul 2013

IBM unveils new mid-range zEnterprise BC12 mainframe

New mainframe will cost upwards of $75,000 and be sold to governments and financial services companies
23 Jul 2013

Cyber crime costs global business 'hundreds of billions' says McAfee

Cyber espionage and intellectual property theft have led to 500,000 lost jobs in US alone
23 Jul 2013

Government puts in place £500m framework for educational ICT infrastructure services

£500m agreement will replace the Becta ICT services framework
22 Jul 2013

London Borough of Merton issues £2m tender for enterprise service delivery platform

New platform will be part of the council's 'customer contact strategy'
22 Jul 2013

No BlackBerry 10 for Southern Health until platform proves itself

'More demand for Android and Apple' says security manager
19 Jul 2013

Microsoft suffers $900m writedown on Surface RT as Q2 results disappoint

Software division carries ailing hardware as company falls short of predictions
19 Jul 2013

IBM sees 17 per cent drop in net income, while strong TV sales buoy LG

Intel, meanwhile, sees quarterly profit tumble by 29 per cent
18 Jul 2013

Google in talks with media companies over streaming TV channels

Could this be another part of Google's Fiber plans?
17 Jul 2013

World gripped by security skills crisis in face of cyber crime epidemic, says Dell SecureWorks CTO

Jon Ramsey, CTO of Dell SecureWorks, tells Computing more skilled professionals are needed to fight epidemic of cyber crime
16 Jul 2013

Apple seeking 'outside help' for iWatch development

Company reported to be struggling, with possibility of product cancellation looming
16 Jul 2013