Mobile monitoring could save the NHS billions, claims report

Healthcare industry could cut £3.89bn from budget by 2014
12 May 2010 quids in thanks to new traffic management system

Software from Zeus helps the company to reduce bandwidth costs and risk of outages
10 May 2010

Wholesale Apps Community to be based in London

Network operators get ready to battle Apple and Google in mobile apps market
04 May 2010

Universities opt for Microsoft's cloud email service over Google Mail

They argue that it better meets data protection requirements
04 May 2010

Microsoft launches 'Hybrid Organisation' initiative

Microsoft says new breed of agile 'hybrid firms' will win out over less forward-looking organisations
30 Apr 2010

UK firms trail US in way they handle rich web content

Developers need to hone their coding skills
29 Apr 2010

Appetite for e-ballot doubles to 43 per cent on last election

But voters are still looking for communication from MPs via traditional means
29 Apr 2010

Strong consumer performance boosts Virgin Media revenue

Mobile subscriptions pass one million, but business revenue slips
28 Apr 2010

Study suggests public bodies are paying too much for web site services

Private sector web site spend is 10 times lower than that of local councils
26 Apr 2010

2e2 continues expansion with Morse acquisition

Fast-growing IT services provider has stumped up £70m for Morse
26 Apr 2010

Biggest study into mobile phone health effects launched

Research to track 250,000 mobile users for up to 30 years
23 Apr 2010

Ericsson revenue down 9 per cent year on year

But CEO says increase in mobile data traffic will bring the company back to profitability
23 Apr 2010

NHS hit by Qakbot infection

However, no evidence to show patient data stolen says Symantec
23 Apr 2010

Virgin Media expects big savings from workforce management system

The SaaS system looks at skill sets and job history to estimate the time an engineer will take on a job
22 Apr 2010

Bell Labs' DSL could reshape broadband environment

Company's technology transmits at speeds of 300Mbit/s over 400 metres
22 Apr 2010

HP/CommVault partnership scoops BT contract

new storage management software will drive BT's datacentre consolidation strategy
21 Apr 2010

Tesco online profits up 26 per cent

Supermarket giant made improvements to its finance and telecoms arms
20 Apr 2010

Security flaws decrease but malicious code grows, says ISTR

Malicious activity increases in emerging countries with better broadband, says security giant Symantec
20 Apr 2010

Hung parliament could paralyse public sector IT

A Lib Dem/Labour coalition would struggle to agree on the right government IT strategy, say experts
20 Apr 2010

UK competitiveness hinges on superfast broadband

Futurologist Peter Cochrane says political leaders have got to get serious
20 Apr 2010

Blockbuster launches mobile promotional scheme

Video rental firm partners with technology providers to track customer habits
19 Apr 2010

T-Mobile and 3 UK invest £400m in 3G network upgrade

Mobile data growth drives mobile broadband network investment
19 Apr 2010

ACTA 'no' to three strikes approach to web copyright infringement

And no mobile devices to be searched for pirated material when crossing borders
19 Apr 2010

Sony Ericsson returns to profitability in first quarter of 2010

But revenue down nearly a fifth from last quarter
16 Apr 2010