Hung parliament could paralyse public sector IT

A Lib Dem/Labour coalition would struggle to agree on the right government IT strategy, say experts
20 Apr 2010

UK competitiveness hinges on superfast broadband

Futurologist Peter Cochrane says political leaders have got to get serious
20 Apr 2010

Blockbuster launches mobile promotional scheme

Video rental firm partners with technology providers to track customer habits
19 Apr 2010

T-Mobile and 3 UK invest £400m in 3G network upgrade

Mobile data growth drives mobile broadband network investment
19 Apr 2010

ACTA 'no' to three strikes approach to web copyright infringement

And no mobile devices to be searched for pirated material when crossing borders
19 Apr 2010

Sony Ericsson returns to profitability in first quarter of 2010

But revenue down nearly a fifth from last quarter
16 Apr 2010

Online retailers to drop delivery charges for refunds

Shoppers can claim cost of delivery if they choose to return goods
16 Apr 2010

Adobe puts web analytics into new version of Creative Suite

Adobe upgrades flagship content creation system to version five
15 Apr 2010

Half of big firms have flexible working, survey shows

But full technological integration of communications systems is not a high priority
15 Apr 2010

Travel giant signs €100m outsourcing deal

TUI, owner of Thomson and First Choice, books into five-year unified communications contract with Deutsche Telekom
14 Apr 2010

Net neutrality not under threat by priority content, claims EC

Commission wants to wait and see what happens in the US
14 Apr 2010

VMware buys Rabbit

Virtualisation leader buys UK open source messaging company
14 Apr 2010

Cirque du Soleil signs three-year deal with Orange

Customers will benefit from an improved ticket-buying experience
13 Apr 2010

Digital Economy Act faces backlash

New measures could cost ISPs as much as £15m as they are forced to police their networks
13 Apr 2010

Storage networking body ratifies cloud data storage interface standard

Standard offers secure network interface for enterprises thinking of storing and manipulating data in public cloud environments
13 Apr 2010

Heart attack? There's an app for that

First-aiders get emergency help from their iPhones
13 Apr 2010

Microsoft launches Visual Studio 2010

Programming development package improves Azure Services integration
12 Apr 2010

Astronauts tweet from space

Citrix virtualisation technology enables space station crews to access social networks
08 Apr 2010

House of Commons passes Digital Economy Bill

Bill just needs approval from Lords and Royal Assent to pass
08 Apr 2010

Little Chef reduces communication costs by £700,000 a year

Vodafone helps restaurant chain get connected
08 Apr 2010

Nokia set to launch iPad clone

Other PC and handset manufacturers expected to follow suit
07 Apr 2010

TalkTalk CIO condemns Digital Economy Bill

Government legislation just doesn't work, says Cooper
06 Apr 2010

Ordnance Survey’s free online mapping tool goes live

Government begins to fulfil promise of "Making Public Data Public"
01 Apr 2010

Ofcom to cut landline-to-mobile call charges

But plan is likely to meet resistance from big operators
01 Apr 2010