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27 Feb 2012

Success by Planning for IT Project Failure: Part 2 – Failure of a Customer’s Performance Obligations

27 Feb 2012

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21 Feb 2012

CA ERwin - Getting reacquainted with an old friend

03 Feb 2012

Time for a fresh look at disaster recovery?

Insights and tips for small and mid-sized businesses
19 Jan 2012

Amazon AWS Direct Connect hits the UK

16 Jan 2012

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29 Nov 2011

Enabling rapid, global business expansion through SVM: a conversation with Jim Nanton, senior VP & CIO, Hanesbrands

24 Nov 2011

HR, not technology, is the weak point in most outsourced customer support operations

22 Nov 2011

Flash and HTML5, or Flash vs HTML5?

Observations from Adobe MAX
21 Oct 2011

What Do You Mean When You Call A Supplier A “Strategic Partner”?

19 Oct 2011

iOS 5 – was it worth the wait?

17 Oct 2011

It's Not About Apple vs. Microsoft, Or Apple vs. Google. It's About Freedom.

30 Aug 2011

What Next For ITIL?

05 Aug 2011

Cisco Live! - Boldly going where no LAN vendor has gone before

Cisco invites Captain Kirk to give the closing keynote at its Live! event
11 Jul 2011

Time to get serious about managing security

06 Jul 2011

What you need to know about IPv6 migration

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Inside knowledge trumps external advice when it comes to contracts and procurement

27 Jun 2011

Impact of enterprise search on customer service

25 May 2011

Agile development: key questions for IT leaders

24 May 2011

A road warrior’s experience with the iPad

Tales from 10 months of trial and error
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How to deliver a more agile approach to business intelligence

27 Apr 2011

Will Intel loosen ARM's grip on the tablet market?

18 Apr 2011

The evolution of desktop security

Is it time to move beyond passwords?
13 Apr 2011