Latest Windows 8 articles

Customer perspective: Jaguar Land Rover and Betfair on why they chose VMware

Betfair's head of architecture believes Amazon will be the best option in the future
09 May 2013

Microsoft aims to silence critics with Windows 8 redesign

Windows 8 Start screen
Much-criticised Windows 8 to be revamped, Microsoft reveals, as OS passes 100 million licence sales
07 May 2013

New Intel “Haswell” microprocessors may need upgraded power supplies

Intel Inside logo
PC makers may need to bin power supply units to use next-generation Intel microprocessors
01 May 2013

Microsoft hints room-size projector technology for next Xbox

IllumiRoom lets graphical effects escape television
30 Apr 2013

FA hopes to score with new technology

Sooraj Shah hears how technology has helped the FA develop some of the best facilities in the world for players, coaches and supporters
30 Apr 2013

Windows RT: living on borrowed time?

When Windows RT shipped, a sceptical IT industry opted to steer clear – with good reason. Now, the question is when will Microsoft kill it
16 Apr 2013

Blue makeover to fix Windows 8 flaws

Windows Blue upgrade expected in autumn – one year after disappointing Windows 8 launch
26 Mar 2013

Fewer than 10 per cent of enterprise users even considering Windows 8 migration

Computing survey reveals unusually low demand for Microsoft’s latest
19 Mar 2013

MWC: Windows 8 phone 'brings stability to market and will sell' says SAP

BlackBerry 10 also shows 'tremendous improvements' says SVP Brown
26 Feb 2013

Bill Gates dissatisfied with Microsoft innovation under Ballmer

'Could do better,' says Gates
19 Feb 2013

No Dell MDM support for BB10 until future of BlackBerry becomes clear

BlackBerry needs to demonstrate staying power before K3000 MDM solution supports it, Dell tells Computing
15 Feb 2013

Surface Pro 'won’t make a dent' says ex-Microsoft SVP

'Microsoft and hardware – when have they ever been successful?' asks Joachim Kempin
13 Feb 2013

Microsoft closes doors on XNA development environment

Possible attempt to bring mobile development multi-platform, says Microsoft MVP and Hull academic
05 Feb 2013

Analysis: Windows 8 greeted with apathy from many, enthusiasm from some

Danny Palmer looks at the reasons behind Windows 8’s sluggish uptake in the enterprise market, and hears why one major UK organisation is keen to buck the trend
04 Feb 2013

Surface RT 'a bit of a lemon', 'jury out' on Windows 8, says Civica CTO

Microsoft's offerings are failing to carve out a niche - but the Surface Pro may change that
24 Jan 2013

Microsoft Q2 results: revenues a bit up, earnings a bit down

But no mention of the Surface
24 Jan 2013

Microsoft sells just 1 million Surface tablets in Q4 2012

While Apple sells 20 million iPads in same space of time, says analyst
15 Jan 2013

Windows 8 mobile devices authorised for use by Pentagon employees

US Department of Defense tells Computing agreement means Windows 8 can be installed on any device
14 Jan 2013

PC sales fall six per cent in fourth quarter – first fall since global financial crisis

Windows 8 puts off more PC buyers than it entices
11 Jan 2013

Microsoft claims to have sold 60 million licences for Windows 8

Windows 8 nearing levels of Windows 7 sales
09 Jan 2013

What 2013 has in store for IT leaders

Thirteen years into the third millennium and the much-anticipated personal jetpack remains as elusive as ever. So, what technology developments and trends can IT leaders expect over the coming 12 months?
08 Jan 2013

CES 2013: Lenovo reveals 27in ‘table’ PC, Nvidia launches Tegra 4 mobile processor

Bigger screens, faster chips at the Las Vegas tech show
07 Jan 2013

Ubuntu – the mobile operating system of the future?

Canonical unveils Ubuntu for smartphones, with apps that can run on the phone or desktop
03 Jan 2013

2012: The year in devices and endpoint

The rise of BYOD, the fall of RIM and the bet-hedging of Microsoft
18 Dec 2012