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Wales is botching its £425m superfast broadband rollout, says former BT head

Welsh government should have marketed it better, says John Davies
09 Apr 2014

Wales ‘high-speed’ broadband network rollout gets go-ahead

Green light at a traffic light
BT to ensure 96 per cent of Welsh premises have access to high-speed broadband by 2015
22 Jan 2013

Welsh government to spend £39m on faster broadband in schools

Welsh flag set against blue skies
Schools will also receive funds to buy ICT kit
15 Jan 2013

Raspberry Pi manufacture relocates to UK from China

Budget PC now to be made at Sony plant in South Wales
10 Sep 2012

Welsh government unveils IT framework for GP management

Suppliers EMIS and INPS to provide managed IT services to Wales’ GP surgeries
17 Jul 2012