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O2 unveils 4G tariffs – matches EE's prices

O2 logo with bubbles
Telefonica-owned firm does not have EE's cheapest price plan option
14 Aug 2013

Outgoing HMRC CIO Mark Hall scopes out the challenges for Mark Dearnley

HMRC IT Director Mark Hall
Dearnley to lead the way to full digitisation as HMRC adopts 'systems and service integrator' model ahead of 2017 Aspire outsourcing contract renewal
05 Aug 2013

Vodafone CIO to become HMRC's chief digital and information officer

HM Revenue and Customs
Mark Dearnley to take control of £200m, three-year digitisation programme
01 Aug 2013

O2 COO: 'Our 4G network will be better than EE’s - even though it won't work with the iPhone 5'

O2's 800MHz wavelength is better than EE's 1800MHz system, says O2 COO Derek McManus
01 Aug 2013

Airwaves cleared for 4G as Vodafone, O2 and Three play catch-up with EE

Ofcom says airwave clearance will be completed today, enabling new 4G services to launch in the UK
31 Jul 2013

Huawei developing 5G technology with a view to launching in 2020

Chinese telecoms firm has 200 people working on the project
22 Jul 2013

Ofcom enables mobile operators to reuse spectrum for 4G services

Vodafone, O2 and Three given boost by communications regulator
11 Jul 2013

4G speed test to be conducted by end of 2013, says Ofcom

3G networks also to be tested to see what the benefits are of upgrading to 4G
08 Jul 2013

Top 10 telecommunications stories of 2013 so far

4G, mobile, broadband and the handling of data all feature in a busy first six months in the telecoms industry
14 Jun 2013

Vodafone pays no UK corporation tax for the second time

Despite revenues exceeding £5bn, mobile firm says it wiped out tax liabilities with investments and interest payments
07 Jun 2013

EE 4G hits 12 more UK towns

Not quite everything everywhere, but more than than half of all homes and businesses now covered, according to EE
30 May 2013

Vodafone 4G delayed until September

Will launch when 'really ready' says CEO Colao
22 May 2013

G3 acquires 2e2 company Diagonal

Diagonal employees will move to Weybridge-based SAP consultancy
22 Feb 2013

Ofcom raises £2.3bn in 4G spectrum auction

Amount is £1bn less than government had forecast
20 Feb 2013

EE’s 4G fails to excite as biggest UK mobile network makes £249m loss

Mobile operator does not disclose how many 4G customers it has
19 Feb 2013

4G auction bidding battle commences

Ofcom is using the 'combinatorial clock' auction format to decide which carriers get which frequencies
23 Jan 2013

BlackBerry Vodafone outage caused by router error - UPDATED

Second major outage in four months sees RIM blame Vodafone for loss of service
11 Jan 2013

Mobile in 2013: Let the 4G battle commence

With the 4G spectrum auction to come, 2013 looks set to be a busy year for mobile
21 Dec 2012

Ofcom announces 4G bidders - BT included

Computing had revealed in July that BT could bid at auction
20 Dec 2012

£5.5bn will be invested in 4G, says Vodafone

4G could boost UK GDP by 0.5 per cent
07 Dec 2012

Vodafone: We need to tackle backhaul bottleneck for successful 4G

Mobile operator calls for Ofcom to regulate BT prices
07 Dec 2012

Everything Everywhere 4G service goes live in 11 UK cities

Fast mobile internet arrives, but at a hefty price
30 Oct 2012

Vodafone cool about EE's head start in 4G race

Mobile provider argues mass uptake will only occur when public understands 4G
26 Oct 2012

EE 4G services to be launched on 30 October

Ten launch cities announced, with six to follow by the end of the year
03 Oct 2012