Latest Virtualisation articles

Interview: Rob Fraser Sainsbury's CIO and BCS/Computing CIO of the Year 2011

Rob Fraser is CIO at Sainsbury's
By driving harder bargains with its technology suppliers and reducing costs through virtualisation, Sainsbury’s has been able to boost IT investment and deliver better deals for its customers
10 Jan 2012

Microsoft reveals virtualised storage with Windows 8 – but is it too little too late?

Preview of Windows 8 homescreen
Storage Spaces is being pitched to replace Microsoft’s NTFS
09 Jan 2012

Does virtualisation cause data centre bottlenecks?

Computing's Stuart Summer conducting an interview
The CTO of telecommunications firm Interoute discusses data centre bottlenecks caused by virtualisation - is it a valid concern?
09 Dec 2011

Review: Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac

Desktop virtualisation from Parallels – but make sure your Mac has enough system memory
25 Nov 2011

Interview: Hertfordshire County Council head of technology Dave Mansfield

With services firm Serco taking care of most of the day-to-day IT work at Hertfordshire council, Dave Mansfield and his small team are free to focus on long-term solutions
04 Oct 2011

Veeam lands deal to back up airline's virtualised estate

Low-cost carrier Flybe has virtualised 75 per cent of its estate
04 Oct 2011

A boon for virtual machine security

New anti-virus solutions designed to make it easier and cheaper to protect large-scale virtual environments are hitting the market
20 Sep 2011

Thomas Cook servers take a trip

Travel firm signs server hosting deal with german IT services firm Lufthansa Systems
01 Sep 2011

It's Not About Apple vs. Microsoft, Or Apple vs. Google. It's About Freedom.

30 Aug 2011

VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas kicks off today

Event will show IT leaders how to get the best out of the vSphere 5 virtualisation platform
29 Aug 2011

Case study: Medical college transforms IT infrastructure

The Royal College of General Practitioners boosts IT resilience by virtualising its servers and investing in a new disaster recovery solution
17 Aug 2011

UK businesses invest in server virtualisation, but shun storage

Majority of companies undertaking server virtualisation projects, but few embarking on storage virtualisation initiatives, particularly in manufacturing, says NetApp survey
11 Aug 2011

Surrey County Council tech refresh has saved £70m says IT head

The head of IT at council welcomes spending cuts as an opportunity to innovate
05 Aug 2011

Datacentres greener than expected thanks to recession

A new report has revealed that modern datacentres are using less power than originally predicted
01 Aug 2011

Van insurer saves truck-loads through server and storage refresh

Autonet has slashed hardware spending by implementing VMware and NetApp technologies
27 Jul 2011

CIOs still reluctant to take desktop virtualisation plunge

Buyers are worried about unintentionally investing in the 'Betamax of virtualisation'
20 Jul 2011

Oracle unveils virtual desktop app for the iPad

The app supports Oracle’s Siebel CRM
07 Jul 2011

Computing Research: Are backups a brake on the virtualisation revolution?

Backing up applications and data from an environment that includes multiple VMs and hypervisors can be a real challenge
04 Jul 2011

Virtualisation enables IT-as-a-Service

IT leaders gathered at a Computing Forum to discuss the benefits of virtualisation
22 Jun 2011

IT Leaders Forum: Thin clients are not greener than old PCs

Intel chief argues that businesses need to reconsider their green decisions
16 Jun 2011

IT Leaders Forum: Open-source hypervisors challenge main players

Attendees praise the impact KVM and other open source players are having
15 Jun 2011

IT Leaders Forum: Virtualisation – From Planning to Implementation

The event kicks off at 3pm today
14 Jun 2011

IT Leaders Forum: from plan to rollout

Computing's next event will look at both the planning and implementation of virtualisation
10 Jun 2011

Oracle launches private cloud offering

Says its Oracle Optimised Solution for Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure is more cost-effective than the competition
09 Jun 2011