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80 per cent of data centres still using physical security to protect virtualised estate

And only a fifth of those are taking steps to phase it out
18 Jun 2014

If you can’t get business done, tight data centre security is worthless, warns Trend Micro

Think about the application of technology as well as the capability, says VP of cloud
17 Jun 2014

Better education required to counter ‘culture of carelessness’ and protect mobile data from hackers

Business man using smartphone as part of bring your own device trend
Security experts at Trend Micro roundtable debate how to fight threat of mobile data theft
21 Nov 2013

Top 10 software stories of 2013 so far

“Software” will be 60-years old this October, but despite the lack of big launches so far this year, there's still been plenty of activity
13 Jun 2013

RSA 2013: Anti-virus software companies unveil new tools and features

Trend Micro and McAfee show off new features to end botnets, and improve anti-virus intelligence
26 Feb 2013

In defence of security software - an interview with Trend Micro's Rik Ferguson

Trend Micro's global vice president of security research, Rik Ferguson, talks to Computing about how anti-virus software has developed and why it shouldn't be classified as 'just' anti-virus
18 Jan 2013

Remote working during the Olympics

Cesare Garlati, director of consumerisation at Trend Micro, discusses what enterprises need to consider as large numbers of staff prepare to work remotely during the Games
02 May 2012

Interview: Andy Dancer, Trend Micro CTO

As the veteran of four start-ups, Trend Micro’s Andy Dancer believes the role of the CTO is changing
29 Nov 2011

Treat every corporate server as compromised, advises security expert

Andy Dancer, MD and CTO EMEA for Trend Micro, advised enterprises on a new security model, explaining that the old perimeter-based defence approach will no longer work
25 Nov 2011

Cloud security, how to balance the risk

Andy Dancer, CTO EMEA for Trend Micro discusses the security threat posed by hosting data in the cloud
25 Aug 2011

Gartner: Top security vendors are losing market share

Gartner says that the top five software security vendors now own less than half of the global market between them
27 Jul 2011

Staff recruitment and retention - Andy Dancer, CTO EMEA, Trend Micro

Andy Dancer, CTO EMEA, Trend Micro discusses his strategy for recruiting and retaining the best staff
21 Jun 2011

Review: Trend Micro SafeSync for Business

Simple cloud service for small and medium-sized businesses, but it lacks a service level agreement
14 Jun 2011

Next-generation end-point management and security

16 May 2011

Is infrastructure-based security enough?

05 May 2011

H4cked Off: Just when you thought it was safe...

The biggest mass SQL injection attack ever has just happened. Worryingly, most security companies have missed it...
01 Apr 2011

Will 2011 be the breakthrough year for Microsoft in IT security?

26 Jan 2011

Security industry urged to collaborate more to combat malware

An influential security consortium says industry response to Conficker worms offers blueprint for a safer internet
25 Jan 2011