Latest Transport articles

Authorities get green light for new smart ticket apps

Parking credit, leisure centre and library access services could all be on the cards
07 Oct 2009

Ryanair outsources network infrastructure to Cable & Wireless

Low-cost airline strikes €15m deal to increase efficiency
22 Sep 2009

Isle of Wight ferries warn of delays via Twitter

Ferry company transmits GPS location to passenger mobiles and PCs
16 Sep 2009

Video Q&A: Paul Coby, CIO of British Airways - Part two

BA's IT chief talks about the challenges facing the IT leaders of the future, and the skills and experience tomorrow's CIOs will need to develop
10 Sep 2009

Video Q&A: Paul Coby, CIO of British Airways - Part one

BA's IT chief talks about the challenges of managing IT in the worst slump BA has experienced - part one of a two-part video interview
10 Sep 2009

British Airways devises new programme to develop the IT high-flyers of the future

Tomorrow's IT Leaders: How BA is focusing on staff development during its worst downturn
10 Sep 2009

£80m asset management system to help improve motorway network

Highways Agency seeks a supplier to implement software to manage £75bn of roadside assets
04 Sep 2009

Government proposes national smart ticketing strategy

Bank cards and mobile phones could also be used for contactless payments
20 Aug 2009

Arriva keeps Capgemini on the buses

Ten-year contract extension will see supplier helping to keep London buses on the move
17 Aug 2009

Government's green IT must be more ambitious, say MPs

Environmental committee calls for CIOs to be more radical
07 Aug 2009

UK brightens Atos Origin results

Clients move towards output-based contracting to ensure cost savings
29 Jul 2009

London City Airport improves disaster recovery

Strengthened communication links aim to ensure operations during unexpected interruption of service
28 Jul 2009

Privacy watchdog concerned over EU transport plan

Vehicle tracking and data collection could impinge on privacy
23 Jul 2009

E-Borders moves ahead as carriers voice concerns

Charter airlines, ferry operators and Eurostar believe the government’s e-Borders programme will add cost and inconvenience to journeys, and could put them in breach of European law
23 Jul 2009

Highways Agency invests £24m in IT programmes

Spending falls by 13 per cent year on year but technology remains central to improving UK's motorways
21 Jul 2009

Scotrail to upgrade mobile ticketing

Transport firm will improve mobile-based information and ticketing services
15 Jul 2009

Ryanair to install self-service payment kiosks at airports

Passengers will be able to purchase optional services before they fly
15 Jul 2009

TheTrainline gains flexibility with thin-client technology

Citrix desktops also allow monitoring of staff performance
08 Jul 2009

Airlines see unprecedented decline in IT spending

Businesses in the sector struggling to deal with the recession, says research
01 Jul 2009

Government backtracks on compulsory ID cards

Airport workers will no longer be forced to carry identity cards, but rollout of voluntary scheme to citizens is to be accelerated
30 Jun 2009

Network Rail to introduce new traffic management system

System is part of the rail operator's £1bn IT-led transformation programme
29 Jun 2009

Government abandons national road pricing scheme

"Not the time to be putting that before the British people," says transport secretary
29 Jun 2009

First Group seeks IT infrastructure suppliers

Transport firm also looking to implement collaborative services
26 Jun 2009

Government aims to widen use of smart ticketing

Transport secretary Lord Adonis promises consultation in the summer on possible incentives
25 Jun 2009