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Top 10 IT news stories of the week: Naive Tim Berners-Lee, Liam Maxwell speaks out about government IT and cash machines that keep on giving

Why on Earth would Computing readers be so interested in malware that can enable attackers to empty cash machines?
10 Oct 2014

H4cked Off: Naivete, thy name is Tim Berners-Lee

A close-up of Sir Tim Berners-Lee
Tim Berners-Lee's solutions to the problem of personal data privacy, shared at IP Expo today, don't address the biggest challenge: most people just don't care
08 Oct 2014

UK marked down for poor privacy rights in latest Web Index Report

Seventy-six of the 81 countries examined did not meet best practice standards for checks and balances on government interception of electronic communications
22 Nov 2013

Tim Berners-Lee calls for internet freedoms to be protected

In the wake of US and UK web spying revelations, the inventor of HTML warns against government and corporate takeover of internet
26 Jun 2013

Government sneaks in Communications Data Bill replacement in Queen’s Speech

Proposals aim to combat cybercrime, says Whitehall
08 May 2013

Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Francis Maude welcome new OGP members

Eight new countries join scheme designed to promote transparency in government data
25 Apr 2013

Government to spend £8m to increase benefits of open data for businesses

Up to £25,000 up for grabs to encourage start-ups to take up opportunities arising from open data
12 Dec 2012

Jimmy Wales and Sir Tim-Berners Lee slam Data Communications Bill

Wikipedia founder calls controversial Bill a 'snooper's charter', while Berners-Lee labels it 'draconian'
06 Sep 2012

Berners-Lee launches international index to chart political and social impact of web

Sweden tops index while the UK - perhaps surprisingly - comes third
06 Sep 2012

Government launches Open Data Institute (updated)

Huge opportunity to drive innovation via open data – but does the government truly understand the distinctions between 'open' and private?
22 May 2012

Leave neutrality to the Swiss

05 Apr 2011

Berners-Lee launches government web site

3,000 data sets to be made available today on, and more than 2,400 developers have registered
21 Jan 2010

Public sector IT: review of the year

Public sector correspondent Tom Young gives his view on the last 12 months
18 Dec 2009

Free state data initiative goes local

Local authorities to put health, education, crime and public spending data online
08 Dec 2009

Sorry about the "//", says Tim Berners-Lee

Web inventor wishes he had never bothered with the double-slash convention for URLs
13 Oct 2009

Worldwide web turns 20

In March 1989, Cern staffer Tim Berners-Lee proposed a revolutionary new system for sharing information, and unwittingly changed the world forever. Martin Courtney looks back
12 Mar 2009