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Tesco launches Android app

Tesco shoppers can order groceries for home delivery from Google handsets
13 Jun 2011

Tesco pilots Android sat-nav in store

Prototype system lets customers use their phone to find what's on their shopping lists
24 May 2011

Tesco.com R&D chief volunteers for the Olympics

Nick Lansley volunteers his IT expertise and encourages others to do the same
09 Mar 2011

M&S poaches Tesco.com CEO

Laura Wade-Gery leaves supermarket giant to spearhead M&S's e-commerce strategy
08 Feb 2011

Tesco promotes IT director to CIO

Mike McNamara succeeds Philip Clarke, who is in line to take over as CEO
27 Jan 2011

Interview: Nick Lansley, head of R&D, Tesco.com

Having created one of the UK’s first online stores, Tesco.com’s Nick Lansley is pretty comfortable being at the bleeding edge of e-commerce technology
16 Nov 2010

Tesco launches mobile version of its Direct site

Supermarket giant has launched a mobile-optimised version of Tesco Direct
10 Nov 2010

Tesco experiments with ‘sat-nav’ technology for iPhone and iPad

Head of Tesco's R&D tells Computing about the giant's work with Apple devices
21 Oct 2010

Tesco mobile strategy focuses on Nokia, not iPhone

iPhone users are not typical Tesco shoppers
09 Aug 2010

Tesco launches Nokia application

New app for Nokia follows apps for iPhone and BlackBerry
05 Aug 2010

Tesco replaces CEO with IT chief

Philip Clarke, head of group IT and markets in Asia and Europe, braced for CEO role
08 Jun 2010

Tesco online profits up 26 per cent

Supermarket giant made improvements to its finance and telecoms arms
20 Apr 2010

Tesco launches mobile-based loyalty application

Innovation project intended to bring extra convenience to customers
09 Feb 2010

Web boosts Tesco’s Christmas performance

Retailer reported 20 per cent growth in online sales over six-week period
12 Jan 2010

Tesco selects vendor for core banking platform

New system will be built to support new financial products
23 Nov 2009

Tesco iPhone app goes live

Interface allows users to locate their nearest store and find grocery products in-store
12 Oct 2009

Tesco continues online growth

Internet sales and financial services hoped to boost retailer’s performance
06 Oct 2009

Apple rejects Tesco iPhone app

User interface problem causes "pleasant" rejection, but some third-party developers unhappy at Tesco.com plans
22 Sep 2009

Tesco improves communication with suppliers

New EDI platform allows more collaboration and saves time
11 Sep 2009

Tesco to develop iPhone shopping application

Customers would be able to do the "basics of grocery shopping" on the move
28 Aug 2009

Indian IT centre is crucial to Tesco's growth

In a special report from India, we talk to leading firms that have set up their own IT centres offshore, instead of outsourcing their development work
20 Aug 2009

Tesco global IT services arm overhauls security

Security, monitoring and management systems needed to be tightly integrated
17 Aug 2009

Tesco opens door to developers

The retail giant is inviting software programmers to create new applications that link to its online shop so that customers can generate ideas that will lead to grocery purchases
13 Aug 2009

Microsoft will regret causing Windows pain

A difficult upgrade to Windows 7 will only send IT managers in search of alternatives next time
13 Aug 2009