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Surface will not 'diminish importance' of Windows 8 tablet partners, says Ballmer

Steve Ballmer is chief executive officer at Microsoft
'Diversity of solutions' is the way forward for Windows 8, according to Microsoft CEO
09 Jul 2012

Tablets driving more e-commerce sites than smartphones, says report

Littlewoods shopping online
Tablets will account for more than 10 per cent of total e-commerce sales by 2013, says Monetate
09 Jul 2012

Amazon planning Foxconn-made smartphone

Customised Android phone planned – but Google’s Nexus 7 will beat it to market
06 Jul 2012

Video: IT at UEFA in 2012

UEFA's head of ICT, Daniel Marion, tells Computing about the organisation's policies on BYOD and IT security
05 Jul 2012

Apple's 'mini-iPad' set for autumn launch

Manufacturing reportedly cranking up ready for October release date
04 Jul 2012

Nokia claims patent infringement on Google Nexus 7 tablet

'Buy a licence', Finnish firm tells Google and Asus
03 Jul 2012

HP Windows 8 RT tablet plans postponed over chip snags

HP puts Windows tablet launch back to 2013
02 Jul 2012

Google's Nexus 7: where will it fit in a maturing tablet market?

Underpowered but competitively priced, Google's early bird could yet get the worm
28 Jun 2012

Google unveils own-brand Nexus 7 tablet (updated)

Tech battle of the decade hots up, with Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon battling for the hearts and minds of business and consumer users with own-brand mobile devices
27 Jun 2012

Microsoft loses EU antitrust appeal, faces £688m fine

Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy Tab banned from sale in US as Apple patent case comes to fruition
27 Jun 2012

Google to take on Apple and Microsoft with own-brand tablet

Quad core devices will cost $199/£199
26 Jun 2012

Mobile IT key to winning over reluctant flyers says Virgin Atlantic IT boss

Many flyers still favour 'hand-holding approach', and mobile is key to this says Bulman
24 Jun 2012

Airline industry braced for Apple-induced turbulence

SITA speakers debate whether Apple Passbook will help or hinder airlines
22 Jun 2012

Surface ‘could bridge the gap’ iPad fails to fill, says McDonald's IT manager

Industry reacts positively to Microsoft’s tablet announcement
20 Jun 2012

Microsoft Surface: insanely brilliant or a suicidal folly?

Will Microsoft's new tablet conquer the market, or kill the company's OEM relationships stone dead?
19 Jun 2012

Microsoft enters tablet fray with its Surface device

Software giant makes its first computer, a device it hopes will oust Apple's iPad from offices around the world
19 Jun 2012

Android activations approach one million per day

Double the rate this time last year, but growth is slowing
12 Jun 2012

iOS 6 announced at Apple WWDC 2012

768GB SSD MacBook Pro and FaceTime on mobile networks also debuted
11 Jun 2012

IBM upgrades AppScan to challenge mobile security risks

AppScan to address increased BYOD and Android threats
06 Jun 2012

Apple reasserts tablet dominance despite slump in global sales

Apple continues to rule but competition could be about to get stiffer
10 May 2012

O2 to rival Google and PayPal with new mobile payments service

O2 Wallet may mean trouble for joint venture with rival operators, says analyst
27 Apr 2012

Norfolk County Council to implement BYOD strategy this year

Successful Android trial at Norfolk schools leads to new initiative
26 Apr 2012

Bring your own device would not work in MoD, says defence chief

Security measures would negate benefits of consumerisation
24 Apr 2012

PwC report: 8 out of 10 organisations suffered staff-related security breaches in 2011

Only 39 per cent of large businesses encrypt mobile devices, according to a new report from PwC
18 Apr 2012