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2012: The year in devices and endpoint

A graphic depicting mobile phone software
The rise of BYOD, the fall of RIM and the bet-hedging of Microsoft
18 Dec 2012

Video: Christmas tablet roundup

Computing discusses the leading tablet contenders, including the iPad and iPad Mini, Nexus 7, Surface and Kindle Fire
17 Dec 2012

Video: Tablet vs Tablet - Fight!

Peter Gothard asks vendors at the Gadget Show Live 2012 why their tablet offering is better than the competition
14 Dec 2012

Surface heads to third party retail stores

Response to demand, or clearing the way for Pro?
12 Dec 2012

Samsung increases lead over Apple in 'smart connected device' sales

Korean firm sees share of PC, tablet and smartphone market jump during Q3 2012
11 Dec 2012

Google Play revenue up by over 300 per cent

Apple App Store saw sales rise by 13 per cent over same period
03 Dec 2012

H4cked Off: The smartphone is dead

Will the mobile phone be replaced by something a bit bigger but a lot more sensible? Peter Gothard thinks so
29 Nov 2012

NHS Trust issues tender of up to £100m for IT hardware

Hardware to include tablets and desktops
26 Nov 2012

Tablets to outsell laptops for the first time this year

Tablets sales to beat laptops in the US this quarter - and globally by 2015
22 Nov 2012

Panasonic to axe 8,000 more staff to cut costs

A total of 46,800 staff will have lost jobs due to restructuring plans
15 Nov 2012

Ballmer: Surface sales have started 'modestly'

Microsoft CEO chooses to talk Surface Pro rather than Surface RT
12 Nov 2012

Yet another Microsoft Surface version planned, according to Microsoft sources

Seven-inch gaming tablet will include custom ARM chip, high-bandwidth RAM - and a new Windows 8 kernel
07 Nov 2012

Android users' privacy put at risk by apps collecting unnecessary data

Research suggests an epidemic of apps collecting data from unsuspecting smartphone owners
06 Nov 2012

iPad's share of tablet market drops to 50 per cent

Apple's grasp on the tablet market loosens as competition from Android intensifies
06 Nov 2012

Hurricane Sandy blows away Google product launches

Nexus unveilings at New York event postponed as city braces for 'Frankenstorm'
29 Oct 2012

Microsoft launches Windows 8

New cross-device operating system launched worldwide
25 Oct 2012

EE reveals 4G price plans

Contracts range from £36 to £56 a month
23 Oct 2012

Week of big launches to begin with Apple's iPad Mini

Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Surface launch sandwiched between new Apple iPad and Google Nexus
22 Oct 2012

iPad Mini launch rumoured for next week, prices expected to start at £200

Apple expected to unveil mini tablet on 23 October
15 Oct 2012

Microsoft reveals Windows 8 pricing details

Redmond also announces iTunes competitor XBox Music for the games console and Windows 8 PCs
15 Oct 2012

Video: The growing security challenges of a BYOD future

Veracode VP Chris Eng considers best practices for own devices
08 Oct 2012

iPad Mini details leaked online

WSJ report: 7.85 inch screen device to be revealed this month
03 Oct 2012

Intel unveils Atom Z2760 for Windows 8 tablets

Intel's system-on-a-chip 'just the beginning' of efforts in the tablet market
28 Sep 2012

Android devices most at risk from mobile malware

Malware on smartphones and tablets has grown massively, with the Android OS by far the most targeted
07 Sep 2012