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Met Police’s 30,000 smartphones could end up as 'costly paperweights'

Police car with siren
Expert warns that most mobile devices are not suitable for filling in crime reports
06 Mar 2013

MWC: Global mobile data revenue to surpass voice by 2018

Increasing use of smartphones and tablets will alter how mobile operators make money, says GSMA report
25 Feb 2013

Canonical launches Ubuntu tablet as part of unified operating system strategy

Operating system will run the same apps on phones, tablets, PCs and even televisions
20 Feb 2013

Tablet sales help push Carphone Warehouse revenue to over £1bn

Tablet sales hit 40,000 a week over Christmas period
25 Jan 2013

Video: Business applications on the move

Magic Software demonstrates the increasing use of business applications on mobile devices
17 Jan 2013

Bendable battery appears in South Korea

Add flexible tablets, and mobile could have a pliable future
15 Jan 2013

PC still the dominant device for web and work, says Deloitte

We're in an era of 'PC plus' rather than 'Post-PC', according to analysts
15 Jan 2013

Windows 8 mobile devices authorised for use by Pentagon employees

US Department of Defense tells Computing agreement means Windows 8 can be installed on any device
14 Jan 2013

Microsoft claims to have sold 60 million licences for Windows 8

Windows 8 nearing levels of Windows 7 sales
09 Jan 2013

H4cked Off: Slating the Surface

Stuart Sumner gets driven to the very edge of despair in his attempts to get Microsoft Surface to actually do anything at all
08 Jan 2013

Worldwide IT spending to grow to $3.7tn in 2013, claims Gartner

But Europe will actually cut tech spending, according to Forrester
03 Jan 2013

2013 preview: devices and endpoint

Which platform will come out on top as we enter a new year in mobile enterprise?
27 Dec 2012

Nokia planning 10in Windows RT-based tablet computer

New device to be launched at Mobile World Congress in February, according to reports
19 Dec 2012

iPad mini named most in-demand Christmas gift

41 per cent of UK adults that are 55 or over have put a tablet, smartphone or laptop on their Xmas lists
18 Dec 2012

2012: The year in devices and endpoint

The rise of BYOD, the fall of RIM and the bet-hedging of Microsoft
18 Dec 2012

Video: Christmas tablet roundup

Computing discusses the leading tablet contenders, including the iPad and iPad Mini, Nexus 7, Surface and Kindle Fire
17 Dec 2012

Video: Tablet vs Tablet - Fight!

Peter Gothard asks vendors at the Gadget Show Live 2012 why their tablet offering is better than the competition
14 Dec 2012

Surface heads to third party retail stores

Response to demand, or clearing the way for Pro?
12 Dec 2012

Samsung increases lead over Apple in 'smart connected device' sales

Korean firm sees share of PC, tablet and smartphone market jump during Q3 2012
11 Dec 2012

Google Play revenue up by over 300 per cent

Apple App Store saw sales rise by 13 per cent over same period
03 Dec 2012

H4cked Off: The smartphone is dead

Will the mobile phone be replaced by something a bit bigger but a lot more sensible? Peter Gothard thinks so
29 Nov 2012

NHS Trust issues tender of up to £100m for IT hardware

Hardware to include tablets and desktops
26 Nov 2012

Tablets to outsell laptops for the first time this year

Tablets sales to beat laptops in the US this quarter - and globally by 2015
22 Nov 2012

Panasonic to axe 8,000 more staff to cut costs

A total of 46,800 staff will have lost jobs due to restructuring plans
15 Nov 2012