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Crash Podcast: Google's privacy and Symantec's security

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This week on Crash we discuss Google's decision to share users' data between services, and Symantec's admission that a source code leak has affected one of its products
30 Jan 2012

Symantec warns of severe vulnerability with pcAnywhere product

Symantec pcAnywhere
The security firm says the recent exposure of its source code has resulted in some vulnerabilities, and is working to patch them
27 Jan 2012

Symantec claims leaked anti-virus code will not affect customers

Symantec headquarters
Following the publication of Norton anti-virus source code by hackers, Symantec claims that its products will be unaffected
09 Jan 2012

30-something men most likely to steal company secrets

New research used to create a profile of the typical insider IP thief
07 Dec 2011

Dell analysis questions previous research into Duqu

New report states Duqu Trojan may not have been created by the Stuxnet team as previously thought
27 Oct 2011

Researchers say failed attacks yield useful information

Using data from the cloud on failed cyber attacks, security firms can predict likely targets and attack vectors, according to Symantec
07 Oct 2011

Symantec records drop in cyber attacks on firms

And losses caused by such attacks are dropping too
01 Sep 2011

Money market mayhem sees return of pump-and-dump scams

Symantec highlights rise in spam designed to tempt twitchy traders with too-good-to-be true tips
24 Aug 2011

Former TV Dragon offers tips for online business

James Caan shares tips for heads of IT at SMEs on how to make the most out of web site investment
23 Aug 2011

Symantec: What should enterprises do to secure themselves?

Sian John, security strategist at Symantec, explains why we are seeing more frequent cyber attacks than ever before, and how enterprises should secure themselves
17 Aug 2011

Gartner: Top security vendors are losing market share

Gartner says that the top five software security vendors now own less than half of the global market between them
27 Jul 2011

Symantec launches Endpoint Protection 12

Suite comes in three versions aimed at SMEs, enterprises and managed service providers
06 Jul 2011

A report from the NG Security Summit Europe - Lisbon, June 2011

24 Jun 2011

Symantec ups the ante through (r)evolution

25 May 2011

Is infrastructure-based security enough?

05 May 2011

Symantec release highlights the art of greylisting

28 Mar 2011

Report: Data breach cost increases by 13 per cent to £1.9m

Symantec research indicates that the most expensive incident cost £2.3m more than in 2009
21 Mar 2011

Updated: Scammers move to cash in on Libyan strife

Targeted email attack on human rights organisations
25 Feb 2011

Malware scammers exploit Mubarak’s exit

419 attack tempts with tales of ex-Egyptian president’s frozen funds
18 Feb 2011

Will 2011 be the breakthrough year for Microsoft in IT security?

26 Jan 2011

H4cked Off: If you can't beat them...

Cyber criminals operate enviable business models. Should we be seeking to emulate them?
21 Jan 2011

Spam returns to business as usual

No botnet innovations after extended Yule-tide break
13 Jan 2011

The one that got away

Spam is down but phishing is up, and it's more clever than you might think
03 Dec 2010

One in five data breaches is an inside job

New KPMG report also reveals that a quarter of all data losses in first six months of 2010 occurred in the health sector
26 Nov 2010