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Symantec to split into separate storage and security firms

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Move comes after similar announcement by HP and follows difficult few years for the security vendor
10 Oct 2014

Shylock banking Trojan network targeted UK users

Eastern European-based gang targeted UK banks in fraud that netted millions
15 Jul 2014

Antivirus software is “dead”, says Symantec VP

IT issues can be deadly
Senior vice president Brian Dye admits antivirus software catches just 45 per cent of malware
07 May 2014

Web security providers welcome government Cyber Streetwise campaign

Sophos, Symantec and Tenable all support new effort to raise cyber awareness
13 Jan 2014

Average cost of a data breach for UK organisations rises to over £2m

Report by Symantec and Ponemon also suggests malicious attacks increasing as a cause of data breaches
05 Jun 2013

'We're not winning the war on cyber crime,' MPs told

RSA chairman Art Coviello argues war against cyber threats hasn't yet been lost or won
24 Apr 2013

Vulnerabilities and zero-day threats up in 2012, claims Symantec

Cyber space is become more lawless, according to Symantec's 2013 Threat Report
17 Apr 2013

Symantec CTO: World War III could start with a cyber battle

Cyber tools could also be used for propaganda and disinformation, says Greg Day
11 Mar 2013

Microsoft and Symantec “take down” Bamital clickfraud botnet

Three-year investigation to smash $1m clickfraud ring that PCs infected with malware
07 Feb 2013

Symantec could cut 1,000 jobs

Anti-virus software firm may axe jobs as part of refocus
24 Jan 2013

Symantec finds malware that corrupts SQL databases

Malware appears to be designed to damage data, not steal it
26 Nov 2012

Symantec: More than one-third of cyber-attacks aimed at SMEs

Attackers turn away from big business to focus on easier targets
16 Jul 2012

Flame virus could delete files, as well as copy them

‘Espionage’ virus starts to reveal its secrets
22 Jun 2012

Computer virus hits printers in the UK and worldwide

Virus authors are 'hard at work' trying to spread malware, says Symantec
22 Jun 2012

Row breaks out in US over Stuxnet worm leaks

Republicans accuse White House of using malware leaks to bolster President’s image
06 Jun 2012

‘BYOD the only sustainable way forward’ says Liverpool NHS IT chief

Own devices key to cutting health service costs in coming years, claims tech-leading hospital, although strategy could result in job losses, IT chief warns
17 May 2012

Report: Data breaches cost UK firms an average of £1.75m in 2011

Symantec research reveals a small drop in the average cost of a breach
21 Mar 2012

RSA 2012: Trustworthy Internet Movement aims to boost security, privacy and reliability online

RSA chief highlights need for new security skills to handle emerging threats and consumerisation
01 Mar 2012

Researcher claims to have found further vulnerabilities in pcAnywhere

Symantec source code leak has led to a vulnerability affecting the latest patched version, claims security expert
24 Feb 2012

Security experts disagree over new Android malware alert

Symantec raises the alarm and labels new software a Trojan, but mobile security firm Lookout says it's simply aggressive advertising
31 Jan 2012

Crash Podcast: Google's privacy and Symantec's security

This week on Crash we discuss Google's decision to share users' data between services, and Symantec's admission that a source code leak has affected one of its products
30 Jan 2012

Symantec warns of severe vulnerability with pcAnywhere product

The security firm says the recent exposure of its source code has resulted in some vulnerabilities, and is working to patch them
27 Jan 2012

Symantec claims leaked anti-virus code will not affect customers

Following the publication of Norton anti-virus source code by hackers, Symantec claims that its products will be unaffected
09 Jan 2012

30-something men most likely to steal company secrets

New research used to create a profile of the typical insider IP thief
07 Dec 2011