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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review - is it the future of the endpoint?

Does Microsoft's redesigned hybrid have what it takes to batter the MacBook?
05 Aug 2014

DLA Piper believes Windows 8 could be the catalyst for its next mobility refresh

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with Type Cover and stylus
Microsoft Surface is next on the list of devices that the law firm wants to provide for its employees
23 Jun 2014

Microsoft announces Surface Pro 3 *UPDATED*

Microsoft Surface 2 with 4G
Latest device in Surface range is larger, thinner and louder
20 May 2014

Deloitte to issue touchscreen laptops but CIO still unsure on Microsoft’s Surface Pro

Lenovo's IdeaPad Yoga is in the frame as 'Big Four' firm moves to Windows 8.1
02 Jan 2014

Living with the Microsoft Surface

Burn the desktop, ditch the laptop, leave the iPad at home, here's the best and only choice for the mobile worker
07 Oct 2013

Delta Air Lines’ 11,000 pilots to use Microsoft Surface 2 tablets

Airline hopes to save $13m a year in fuel, cut carbon emissions and improve efficiency with 'electronic flight bags'
01 Oct 2013

Microsoft unveils Surface Pro 2 as it gears up for a 22 October release

Device branded 'the most powerful tablet for professional use in the world'
23 Sep 2013

Microsoft Surface enjoying a 'surge in demand' from public sector, says Phoenix Software

Enquiries up 40 per cent since Microsoft allowed vendor to start selling to schools, colleges and other public sector bodies
30 Aug 2013

Flexible working in practice

Computing recently conducted a 6 week flexible working trial, culminating in a day working in the park using a 4G wireless hub - here the team discuss the results
16 Aug 2013

Microsoft writes-off $900m on Surface tablets, according to SEC filing

Microsoft Surface revenues weighed in less than the write downs on unsold stock of Surface RTs
31 Jul 2013

Microsoft suffers $900m writedown on Surface RT as Q2 results disappoint

Software division carries ailing hardware as company falls short of predictions
19 Jul 2013

Windows 8 tablets 'haven't reached quality of iPads,' says Air France CIO

Jean-Christophe Lalanne tells Computing that while Air France is keen to look at Microsoft Windows 8, the airline doesn't yet consider it a major player in the tablet market
08 Jul 2013

Microsoft aims to boost tepid Surface sales with channel push

Software giant also launching a new ISV programme and lowering RT prices for schools and colleges
02 Jul 2013

The flexible working revolution

Computing is in the midst of a flexible working trial featuring VDI and Unified Communications technologies. And the verdict so far...
26 Jun 2013

Windows 8 tablets better than iPads for EasyJet

EasyJet CIO Trevor Didcock tells Computing that Windows 8 would be the preferred option for standardising tablets across the airline
24 Jun 2013

Aston Martin upgrades productivity and mobility solutions

Century-old luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin has recently completed a company-wide upgrade of its productivity solutions. Peter Gothard discovers what’s driving the firm’s enduring love of all things Microsoft
17 Jun 2013

Microsoft Surface Pro - Review

Computing gets its hands on the new Surface Pro, and asks whether this is the one-size-fits-all device enterprises have been waiting for
15 May 2013

Microsoft aims to silence critics with Windows 8 redesign

Much-criticised Windows 8 to be revamped, Microsoft reveals, as OS passes 100 million licence sales
07 May 2013

Crash Podcast: Samsung, Google, Phones & Windows RT

On this week's podcast we discuss Samsung breaking away from Android, Google's privacy woes, then 40th anniversary of the mobile phone, and the potential demise of Windows RT
04 Apr 2013

Samsung doubles share of tablet market in record year

Shipments of tablets up 75 per cent year-on-year
01 Feb 2013

Microsoft partner reveals intricacies of coding for both Win RT and Win 8

'If the market’s there, people will use it' says Aditi dev, as Ballmer admits Surface RT sales 'modest'
13 Nov 2012

Ballmer: Surface sales have started 'modestly'

Microsoft CEO chooses to talk Surface Pro rather than Surface RT
12 Nov 2012

Windows 8 welcomed by security expert

Says OS boasts many new features that should please security-conscious IT leaders
26 Oct 2012

First reviews of the Microsoft Surface

The best comments and reviews of the Microsoft Surface from around the web
25 Oct 2012