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US intelligence agency IARPA launches supercomputing research initiative

Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity awards contracts to IBM, Raytheon BBN Technologies and Northrop Grumman Corp
04 Dec 2014

IBM's Watson supercomputer turns from Jeopardy! to crunch scientific research data

IBM Watson supercomputer
Watson Discovery Advisor cloud-based software will help scientists analyse research data
28 Aug 2014

US Department of Energy to purchase 100+ petaflop supercomputers

Most powerful supercomputers in the world will replace existing 24 petaflop model
21 Jan 2013

Can IBM find the right homes for its Watson?

17 Oct 2012

Quantum chip offers 'security guaranteed by the laws of physics'

Researchers unveil quantum chip technology that could be available within five years
04 Sep 2012

Researchers develop chips that can learn

New computer chip mimics how the brain’s neurons adapt in response to new information
18 Nov 2011

Science and Technology Council to invest £21.5m in high-performance computing

Move is part of a £145m government drive to boost innovation
09 Nov 2011

Universal appeal

04 Oct 2011

Supercomputing conference sees parallel programming push

Internationl Supercomputing Conference 2011 kicks off in Hamburg
20 Jun 2011