Latest Stuxnet articles

In computer security, it's almost impossible to tell the 'good guys' from the 'bad guys'

Even the most sophisticated of cyber attacks invariably start with a banal email and a simple attachment or URL. But how should organisations start to protect themselves against such attacks?
25 Nov 2014

Stuxnet-style malware 'developed by Western intelligence agency' uncovered in Russia and Saudi Arabia

Malware cyber criminal
Symantec warns that many components of Regin probably 'remain undiscovered' and that 'additional functionality and versions may exist'
24 Nov 2014

State-sponsored agents likely to be behind sophisticated 'Mask' malware - Kaspersky

'Mask' malware software targeted governments for 7 years
Kaspersky uncovered cyber espionage tool which targeted governments for seven years
11 Feb 2014

Computing research: Industrial control systems under attack

The systems controlling our nuclear facilities could be 20 years old and unpatched. What could possibly go wrong? John Leonard and Danny Palmer investigate
06 Mar 2013

Analysis: The era of geopolitical cyber wars

The ‘scramble for Africa’ indirectly led to the First World War. Will the ‘scramble for the internet’ provoke the Third World War?
18 Feb 2013

2013 will see more Stuxnet and Flame-like malware attacks, says AVG CTO

But hacktivists are more bark than bite says Ben-Itzhak
06 Feb 2013

Financial malware 'related to Stuxnet' uncovered by Kaspersky Labs

Stealth-spread Trojan launched in September targets Lebanese banks – and PayPal
09 Aug 2012

Discovering an old Flame

26 Jun 2012

Hypocritical worms

26 Jun 2012

Flame virus could delete files, as well as copy them

‘Espionage’ virus starts to reveal its secrets
22 Jun 2012

Row breaks out in US over Stuxnet worm leaks

Republicans accuse White House of using malware leaks to bolster President’s image
06 Jun 2012

Flame virus: son of Stuxnet uncovered in Middle East

Complex malware ‘developed by a government agency’ said to be undetectable by anti-virus and anti-malware programmes
29 May 2012

US government warns of potential new Stuxnet attack

Department of Homeland Security wonders if publishing its analysis on Stuxnet was so smart after all...
01 Aug 2011

What are power companies doing to protect their networks from cyber attacks?

Last year’s Stuxnet attack on an Iranian nuclear power facility has alerted electricity suppliers to the security vulnerabilities in their networks
06 Jul 2011

US admits to developing cyber weapons

Pentagon has arsenal of digital nasties for launching Stuxnet-style attacks
03 Jun 2011

Industrial hacking class cancelled amid security fears

Security researchers pull plug on presentation amid fears its contents were too dangerous to be shared
20 May 2011

New vulnerabilities revealed in SCADA systems

Industrial control systems revealed to be even less secure than thought, provoking fears of a new Stuxnet-style attack
22 Mar 2011

GCHQ to protect private infrastructure from cyber attack

Intelligence agency will expand its role to protect nationally important private networks from cyber attack
08 Mar 2011

Cyber espionage: the stakes are raised

Is it just a matter of time before a major company is brought down?
22 Feb 2011

H4cked Off: The Enterprise Strikes Back

Should we hack the hackers?
04 Feb 2011

Minister warns that cyber terrorist attack on UK is highly likely

Security minister warns that attacks could be imminent, and operational capabilities must be designed to meet them
01 Feb 2011

Israel and US behind Stuxnet in Iran attack, say experts

Israel and the US are accused of jointly testing the virus which allegedly set Iran's nuclear programme back by at least three years
17 Jan 2011