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Facebook challenges YouTube's video dominance with QuickFire and acquisitions

Start-ups gain huge audience in Facebook deal, as social network aims to encourage users to ditch YouTube in favour of its own service
09 Jan 2015

Big losses see Amazon's shares hit 12-month low

Big losses see Amazons shares hit 12-month low
Investors vote with their feet amid few signs the firm's strategy of acquisitions, price cutting and gadget loss-leaders is working
24 Oct 2014

Big data ‘crucial’ to daily decision making at Netflix

Speaking during a session at MicroStrategy World Forum 2014, Justin Ward, manager for data science & engineering at Netflix, explains how big data and algorithms play a part in everything the firm does
11 Jul 2014

High-speed data analysis keeps Red Bull in pole position

Reigning Formula 1 World Champions Infiniti Red Bull Racing give Danny Palmer an insight into their analysis of data and how using AT&T technology has helped keep them at the front of the grid
06 Mar 2013

More Google Glass details revealed in new video

Video chat, voice control and AR overlays all present and correct
22 Feb 2013

Opera aquires mobile video optimiser Skyfire

Deal for Californian firm worth up to $155m
15 Feb 2013

Intel to launch set-top box based video streaming service

New device contains camera to observe viewers' habits and movements
13 Feb 2013

OnLive cloud gaming: Back from the dead with a smart outlook

Software “core service” and smart TV now focus for slimmed-down company, says UK GM Grove
18 Jan 2013

Comedy of errors

02 Aug 2011

Council staff barred from online meetings

Birmingham staff unable to access streamed council meetings because of internet controls
15 Jul 2011

BBC seeks enhanced video player for Olympics

Tender reveals broadcaster set to pay up to £300,000 on intelligent video player in advance of games
06 Jun 2011

VideoLAN VLC 1.1.5 review

Probably the best media player out there – and it's free
16 Nov 2010