Latest Steam articles

Valve deploys Splunk to monitor Steam performance

Could Splunk play a role in the launch should Half-Life 3 ever be released?
21 Nov 2014

Valve releases Steambox specs in living room challenge to Microsoft

Specifications for Valve's Steambox reveal tie-up with Intel and NVidia
09 Oct 2013

Valve's Steam Box details to be revealed next week

Linux-based games console represents biggest crack yet in Windows operating system hegemony
18 Sep 2013

H4cked Off: Valve's Team Fortress 2 freebies are good news for Linux

It may sound strange, but giving players a virtual penguin could draw them to Linux in droves
18 Feb 2013

Boost for Linux as Valve releases Steam games

Popular platform's support for Ubuntu could be a game changer
15 Feb 2013

AVG: Children use malware to steal personal data from games

AVG report says kids capable of writing code and stealing online gamers information
08 Feb 2013

Valve takes another step forward with Steam for Linux

Linux-based gaming platform opened up for beta registration
29 Oct 2012