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Top marks for Splunk at UCAS

Solution architect Peter Raymond tells Danny Palmer how Splunk helps the service cope with demand during peak periods including A-Level results day
16 Jan 2014

John Lewis improves customer experience with 'game changer' Splunk

John Lewis' Oxford Street branch release manager Aleem Cummins on how big data solution allows the firm to dream big
07 Oct 2013

Splunk 2013: Splunk data analysis is top banana for SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey engineering manager says without Splunk, the online survey provider would be flying blind
04 Oct 2013

Splunk 2013: Big data a 'natural evolution to new way of working' at John Lewis's Aleem Cummins says that consolidating data with Splunk will enable retailer to ditch old technology
03 Oct 2013

Ex-NSA CIO blasts US government's 'terrible' cyber security - and companies aren't much better

You're on your own, warns Dr Prescott Winter, even though many companies have 'appalling' cyber security
03 Oct 2013

Splunk CEO aims to make machine data 'sexy' with Splunk Enterprise 6

Godfrey Sullivan makes case for using big data in everything from beer to trains in Worldwide Users Conference keynote
02 Oct 2013

Splunk 2013: Top enterprise cyber security 'appalling' - former NSA CIO/CTO

Dr Prescott Winter tells Splunk 2013 big data is key to upping poor cyber security among big business
02 Oct 2013

Splunk 2013: Mobile matters for WorldPay in big data boom

WorldPay's Darren Dance tells Computing how being able to crunch data generated by mobile is a big part of the payment company's future
01 Oct 2013

Education needed to stop hackers exploiting web users’ 'scary' data sharing

People need to be more guarded over personal information they share online, WorldPay's Darren Dance tells Computing
30 Sep 2013

'Without Splunk we might be taken out of the market,' says Barclays

Head of security services praises Splunk for helping it comply with regulations
19 Apr 2013

Splunk reduces firewall management from minutes to 20 seconds, says WorldPay

Online payment service provider saves time managing a diverse firewall estate
18 Apr 2013

Rumour mill: Splunk to be acquired by IBM?

IBM and Oracle rumoured to be interested in big data software vendor Splunk
14 Jan 2013