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Theft, breaches and ICO warnings: Top 10 IT news stories of the week

security risk management
CIOs should be watching their backs after a particularly cybercrime-riddled seven days in IT
08 Aug 2014

Security specialist Sophos only employs two IT security pros

Sophos logo on sign
CIO Jason Richards: Companies don't need 'an army of security professionals'
07 Aug 2014

Sophos implements Zuora, Adobe Campaign, Salesforce and SAP in major transformational programme

Sophos CIO Jason Richards tells Sooraj Shah how the company has instilled a 'cloud-first' strategy at the firm
06 Aug 2014

Web security providers welcome government Cyber Streetwise campaign

Sophos, Symantec and Tenable all support new effort to raise cyber awareness
13 Jan 2014

A third of SMBs unaware they've been cyber attack victims

Research by Ponemon on behalf of Sophos says more help needed to enable SMBs to understand cyber threats
19 Nov 2013

EU to vote on five-year minimum sentences for hackers

Hackers found guilty of attacking 'critical infrastructure' face five years or more in prison
12 Jun 2013

Microsoft promising 'mega patch' Tuesday

IT departments braced for security and other updates to Microsoft's operating systems and applications
14 May 2013

Malicious worm targets Skype users

Meanwhile, Microsoft releases a critical update for Office
10 Oct 2012

Corporate espionage on 'an industrial scale' targeting the UK

One company suffered £800m loss due to espionage, says MI5 head
26 Jun 2012

Defence supplier’s website infected with ‘state-sponsored’ zero-day exploit, claims Sophos

All flavours of Windows at risk from critical security flaw
20 Jun 2012

Megaupload website shut down by US officials

But hackers attack US goverment sites and copyright holders in retaliation
20 Jan 2012

Hotels and colleges targeted by credit card thieves

Malware authors aim to pick off less tech-savvy targets in credit card sting
30 Nov 2011

When minor infections turn dangerous

Some system infiltrations can appear harmless, but looks can be deceiving
05 Oct 2011

Sophos: poor mobile configuration is as dangerous as malware

Expert explains what IT teams need to consider when defining a mobile device security strategy
19 Sep 2011

LinkedIn reduces users' privacy settings by default

Service mimics Facebook's lack of regard for its users' privacy
11 Aug 2011

Anonymous's social network hacked

Hacktivist group embarrassed by security failure
25 Jul 2011

Google moves into anti-malware

Search engine giant and innovator takes a step into the security arena – should traditional security vendors be alarmed?
21 Jul 2011

H4cked Off: Losing the Cyber War

Have hackers already won the cyber war?
17 Jun 2011

Lulzsec claims responsibility for CIA website outage

Hacking group states it attacked CIA website for fun
16 Jun 2011

Is infrastructure-based security enough?

05 May 2011

LastPass reacts quickly to fix vulnerability

Breached password management site fixed in short order
02 Mar 2011

Careers in Cyber Security Part II

UK companies are struggling to fill their IT security vacancies. In part II of this video our panel of experts discuss how to encourage more people to choose careers in IT
01 Feb 2011

Careers in Cyber Security Part I

UK companies are struggling to fill their IT security vacancies. Our panel of experts discuss why this and what the industry can do to arrest the decline of IT graduates
01 Feb 2011

Will 2011 be the breakthrough year for Microsoft in IT security?

26 Jan 2011