Latest Soca articles

Tackling the challenge of attracting cyber security talent to the public sector

Danny Palmer examines what the public sector can do to attract top cyber security talent when competing against the higher salaries offered by private firms
28 Mar 2014

Essential guide to security: Rethinking your defence

High-profile hacktivist attacks and data breaches may grab the headlines, but IT leaders should concentrate on rethinking their cybersecurity
21 May 2012

SOCA website brought down by cyber criminals (UPDATED)

Crime agency's website taken offline by DDoS attack
03 May 2012

Opinion: "I was hacked, so why am I being sued?"

Why organisations must take data security seriously
19 Jul 2011

Teenager arrested on suspicion of Lulzsec hacks

A 19-year-old man is being questioned by police in connection with recent high-profile attacks on the CIA, SOCA, Nintendo and Sony
21 Jun 2011

LulzSec hacks Soca

Hacker group teams up with Anonymous to wage war on government agencies and big companies
21 Jun 2011

Malware infects Virgin Media customers

SOCA found that 1,500 Virgin Media customers were infected with SpyEye Trojan
17 Jun 2011

Soca signs £157m IT outsourcing deal

Deal will see crime-fighting agency consolidate its datacentres, networks and desktops
11 Jan 2011

Leading e-crime fighter voices concern over fate of PCeU

Moving Met's e-crime unit to the National Crime Agency could play into hands of cyber criminals
25 Oct 2010

New National Crime Agency may face legacy integration problems

But joining SOCA and NPIA into one agency makes it better able to tackle cyber crime
28 Jul 2010

Domain registration rules could be tightened

Report finds less than a quarter of sites have fully accurate information on who registered them
19 Feb 2010

Police to use mobile biometric scanners and credit card readers

Mobile units could scan passports, credit cards and eyes
15 Oct 2009

Soca e-crime team secures 22 arrests in three years

Unit has wider crime-prevention role, says home secretary
15 Jul 2009

Soca completes IT overhaul

And e-crime department chalks up two big cases, says agency's annual report
14 May 2009

Busting cyber crime: who you gonna call?

Despite new funding, e-crime strategy remains mired in confusion
16 Apr 2009