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HP and Capgemini top government suppliers' earnings list - raking in more than £1bn a year each

Whitehall Monitor finds that government continues to splash cash with big IT suppliers despite promise to move to SMEs
27 Jun 2014

SMEs receive just 30 per cent of government's £2.3m Digital Services framework spend

Bag of money
Framework was developed to give government easy access to suppliers of "all sizes"
29 May 2014

Small business cloud: the importance of partnership

Cloud computing is changing the landscape for small businesses and suppliers must provide more dedicated support
13 May 2014

SMEs and the appliance of data science

While Hortonworks has advised firms to “stick Excel on Hadoop”, Peter Gothard hears how even small companies need a more bespoke approach to data analysis
23 Apr 2014

Reaction: How to make SMEs love the cloud

John Leonard asks three providers why many small firms are reluctant to dive into the cloud and what they plan to do about it
19 Mar 2014

MoD cyber crime warning to SMEs: ‘They’re out to get you’

Ministry spokesperson warns SMEs gathered at Coventry University that they're a prime target for hackers
14 Mar 2014

Cloud computing? No way, say half of SMEs

Marketed as the ideal solution to SMEs’ resource problems, a survey finds few signs that small businesses agree. John Leonard reports
07 Feb 2014

A third of SMBs unaware they've been cyber attack victims

Research by Ponemon on behalf of Sophos says more help needed to enable SMBs to understand cyber threats
19 Nov 2013

Keeping the PC in UK plc

When even major vendors like Dell struggle to sustain their PC businesses, what chance is there for UK-based manufacturers?
29 Oct 2013

UK tech start-ups deserve better

Can the government do more to encourage tech start-ups? Yes – a lot more, according to serial tech entrepreneur Dan Wagner
14 Oct 2013

Is the writing on the wall for the in-house data centre?

While more and more organisations are happy to rely on third parties to run their core systems, talk of the imminent demise of the in-house data centre is wide of the mark
03 Sep 2013

Research: How WANs are moving down the size scale

No longer the preserve of enterprises, wide area networks are now finding a home in much smaller organisations
03 Sep 2013

'Security by default' agenda required to improve public sector cyber security

McAfee's Graeme Stewart says service providers at every level of the public sector supply chain must be educated about the need for proper cyber security
27 Aug 2013

'IT managers at SMEs to be made redundant in five years'

Technicians will disappear too as firms virtualise their environments, claims City Lifeline MD Roger Keenan
20 Aug 2013

HMRC's five-year plan as renewal approaches on Capgemini's Aspire contract

The tax authority is moving from a monolithic IT systems architecture to a ‘multi-sourced model’ with an integrator and multiple suppliers. Graeme Burton talks to HMRC’s outgoing CIO, Mark Hall, and Capgemini’s Craig Mills
07 Aug 2013

Disaster recovery: time for SMEs to look to the cloud

Research reveals many SMEs are ill-prepared for a disruptive event such as extreme weather, fire or data loss, despite having a growing range of DR options available to them
10 Jul 2013

Government's Digital by Default agenda gathers pace with £40m tender

Notice for digital services suppliers published despite criticism levelled at Whitehall earlier today
09 Jul 2013

Ministry of Justice on the hunt for ICT services tenders

Combined estimated cost of £782m for IT services including security, networks and infrastructure services
02 Jul 2013

A quarter of government ICT procurement to involve SMEs by 2015

Francis Maude makes case for smaller businesses to take a bigger role in handling government ICT contracts
27 Jun 2013

Is VDI viable for SMEs?

Vendors are aiming to create virtualised desktops suitable for small businesses, but do SMEs really have much to gain from adopting them
12 Jun 2013

Analysis: IT overhaul drives down costs for rail firms

Cloud, open source and SME services providers have all played a part in enabling the Association of Train Operating Companies to slash operational costs
16 May 2013

Teach engineers cyber security skills to protect critical national infrastructure, says IET

SMEs are at particular risk of losing IP because they don't think they are vulnerable
10 May 2013

Opinion: SMEs must grasp Patent Box opportunity

Firms must act now if they are to take full advantage of the tax break
21 Mar 2013

Social media use by SMEs to see significant growth by 2014

IDC suggests small businesses are increasingly adopting Facebook, Twitter and other social media
26 Feb 2013