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GCHQ seeks to control the internet with social media manipulation, poll hacking and even more snooping

Illustration of an eye looking through a keyhole
Spy agency has catalogue of software tools it uses to infiltrate the internet to shape what people see
15 Jul 2014

Microsoft to introduce near-real-time translation to Skype

Lost in translation
Babel fish not required: Microsoft to release beta version of Skype translator before the end of the year
28 May 2014

Skype and Snapchat embarrassed in New Year hacks

Skype logo
Syrian Electronic Army claims Microsoft social media tools are 'monitored' and information sold to governments
02 Jan 2014

Obama to meet with tech CEOs on NSA, issues

US President will seek advice from Apple, Google, Microsoft and Salesforce
17 Dec 2013

EU rejects Cisco challenge to Microsoft's Skype acquisition

The merger does not restrict competition either on the consumer video communications market or on the business video communications market, say judges
11 Dec 2013

Patients could be able to Skype with their GP under new proposals

GP practices can apply to £50m Challenge Fund to set up a 'pioneering' programme
03 Oct 2013

Skype celebrates 10th birthday - UPDATED

Also announces 3D video calls under development
29 Aug 2013

Senior executives to go at Microsoft as CEO Steve Ballmer finalises restructuring

Operating units to be reduced from eight to four as company focuses on “devices and services”
24 Jun 2013

FBI lobbying US government for 'back doors' into Facebook, Google and Skype

US spooks call for easier wiretapping of social media – and heavy punishments for companies that don't comply
01 May 2013

$24bn Dell buyout deal moves closer

Deal involving private equity firm Silver Lake could be completed this week
22 Jan 2013

Malicious worm targets Skype users

Meanwhile, Microsoft releases a critical update for Office
10 Oct 2012

Last chance to comment on draft Communications Data Bill

Consultation closing on government's proposed 'snoopers' charter'
22 Aug 2012

Skype rejects claims it re-architected software to make eavesdropping easier

But dodges claim that centralisation in Microsoft’s cloud will nevertheless help
27 Jul 2012

Microsoft silent over claims it re-architected Skype to enable government eavesdropping - UPDATE

Microsoft’s ‘untappable’ communications software becomes tappable
24 Jul 2012

Microsoft takes $6.2bn hit on aQuantive online ad acquisition

Value of ad firm reduced to almost nothing in five years
03 Jul 2012

Cisco to appeal £5.3bn Microsoft-Skype deal

The networking giant is taking its concerns to European court
16 Feb 2012

Index Ventures to pump £429m into EU tech companies

Firm will make an equity investment of between €10m and €50m in chosen businesses
10 Nov 2011

Microsoft finalises Skype acquisition for £5.3bn

The acquisition of Skype will benefit consumers and enterprises, says Microsoft
14 Oct 2011

Facebook confirms Skype video chat deal

Users will be able to conduct video chats within Facebook
07 Jul 2011

Google to add Skype-like technology to Chrome

New communications technology to be integrated into browser and developer set
22 Jun 2011

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27 May 2011

Skype bug affects users worldwide

System crash provides salutary warning about enterprise use of cloud services
26 May 2011

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13 May 2011

Why Microsoft dug deep to snap up Skype

How will Microsoft benefit from its acquisition of Skype, and what does the deal mean for the enterprise?
12 May 2011