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Lack of fibre to the home holding back games industry - Ian Livingstone

Ian Livingstone
Eidos CEO says Sony and Microsoft next-gen consoles will be "compromised" due to lack of superfast broadband
20 Feb 2013

UK desperately short of skills needed to combat cyber threats

NAO review suggests it could take up to 20 years to build up the necessary expertise
12 Feb 2013

Next Gen Skills appoints Talent Development Co-ordinator

Academic mortarboard symbol on computer keyboard
Kim Blake tasked with helping to promote coding and digital design skills in schools
07 Feb 2013

Infosys: Shortage of big data modellers as well as data scientists

Senior vice president says the firm needs both so its clients can benefit
01 Feb 2013

Computer Science to be included in EBacc

Michael Gove says Computer Science will be 'fourth science'
31 Jan 2013

Capgemini to recruit 100 IT apprentices in the West Midlands

Capgemini offers to pay university tuition fees of the best candidates
23 Jan 2013

IT salaries to rise in 2013 to discourage employees from moving abroad

UK faces shortfall of 33,300 IT and tech workers by 2050
21 Jan 2013

Government focus on Silicon Roundabout 'web fads' criticised by Dyson inventor

Sir James Dyson says more should be done to encourage students to study science and engineering
08 Jan 2013

BT teams up with skills bodies to create 550 IT apprenticeships in 2013

National Skills Academy for IT and NITP working with BT to fill tech roles at SMEs
08 Jan 2013

How the US elections could alter the trajectory of Silicon Valley

Tech giants split over which candidate would best serve their interests
06 Nov 2012

Audit Scotland calls for more ICT expertise in central government

Examination of three ICT project failings highlights skills deficit in Scottish government
10 Sep 2012

Computing research: Outsourcing, cloud computing and job security

Computing recently asked readers whether they are feeling less secure in their jobs than they were in 2010. Here are the results
22 Aug 2012

Computing IT skills survey 2012

John Leonard reviews the skills that IT professionals should be adding to their armoury
01 Aug 2012

Entry-level exam for Linux trialled at Birmingham City University

Linux Essentials programme intended to bridge the gap in students' IT skills
05 Jul 2012 coders have to 'cut corners' to satisfy new Japanese bosses, says CIO

'Spaghetti code' an unfortunate, but inevitable, consequence of demanding development targets at online retailer
29 Jun 2012

Big Data Summit: The skills opportunity

People skills essential, it's not just about statistics, says leading academic
28 Jun 2012

Crash Podcast: IT education, ICANN and the 'snooping bill'

Crash is the regular IT news and analysis podcast from Computing
18 Jun 2012

Security CTOs argue over the merits of UK graduates

The CTOs of security firms Kaspersky and McAfee disagree over the abilities of UK graduates
15 Jun 2012

Wiki education: Schools should take "open source" approach to ICT, says Naace

ICT education association wants taught ICT to follow Linux and Firefox traditions
14 Jun 2012

Denying children ICT contact is "frightening opportunity cost" says Google Engineering Director

Google says IT-savvy children could "change the world"
12 Jun 2012

DfE explains ICT curriculum disapplication, telling schools "It is up to you"

Government will back off and "let the best happen" says Education Department.
12 Jun 2012

Government goes ahead with non-compulsory ICT curriculum proposal

Many children “will not be taught ICT at all” say opponents
11 Jun 2012

Looser ICT curriculum 'might be welcomed' by teachers

Teachers at the first school to use the £22 Raspberry Pi computer are keen to teach programming skills
08 Jun 2012

Organisations struggle to safely and securely delegate sys-admin tasks

21 May 2012